12 Unglamorous and Dirty Jobs That Pay Really Well

Garbage collection

Whenever we talk about high-paying jobs, the first things that come to mind are jobs in the corporate world, nice and clean facilities, corner office with a view, power suit and tie, and other related stuff.

However, that’s not always the case. Some of the most lucrative professions require you to get down and dirty, literally.

10 Well-Paying Jobs That Need You to Get Your Hands Literally Dirty

1. Garbage Collectors

Annual Salary: $60,000

Imagine your neighborhood without your garbage collectors doing their jobs? Imagine how filthy your surroundings will be and how hazardous it will be with all the dangerous bacteria and viruses. Thank heavens for garbage collectors!

2. Portable Toilet Cleaners

Annual Salary: $60,000

We’re all aware of how filthy portable toilets can get, right? Can you imagine yourself taking on a job that requires you to clean 50 to 60 porta-potties daily? We don’t think so. It takes a special kind of person to stomach everything that goes with the job.

3. Crime Scene Cleaners

Annual Salary: $75,000

Depending on the severity of the crime, cleaning a crime scene may take anywhere between a few hours to a few days. It can be grueling at times especially if the crime committed was a gruesome one which can sometimes be traumatic.

4. Oil Rig Worker

Annual Salary: $40,000

Oil rig workers are some of the hardest-working people in the world. Working 12-hour shifts daily out in the middle of the ocean, subject to the harsh elements and occupational hazards, it’s no wonder they are also some of the highest-paid workers in the world.

5. Head Lice Remover

Annual Salary: $50,000

Just the thought of lice is enough to get one’s skin crawling, imagine having to deal with it regularly? Millions of new cases of lice infestation pop up every year and unfortunately, they don’t go away with just shampooing your hair. This is where head lice removers come in.

6. Plumber

Annual Salary: $60,000

When we think about a plumber, we usually associate one with a residential electrician because plumbing and electrical work go together. However, plumbers are the ones who get to work under unhygienic conditions involving sewage, bacteria, and harsh chemicals.

7. Body Hair Remover

Body hair waxing

Annual Salary: $60,000

How does the idea of dealing with strangers’ body hair on a daily basis sit with you? Back hair? Pit? Bikini area? It’s definitely not what you would want to think of when someone asks you to think happy thoughts, right? But hair removal specialists, especially laser hair techs, earn a pretty decent amount annually.

8. Gastroenterologist

Annual Salary: $300,000

Dealing with human excreta daily is not what you would write down in your high school yearbook. It’s not a flattering and glamorous job but without gastroenterologists, it would be a lot difficult for doctors and specialists to help treat someone with hepatitis, bowel problems, and even colon cancer.

9. Livestock Sperm Collector

Annual Salary: $30,000 to $50,000

Yes. What you’re thinking of is what goes down in this job. Making bulls ejaculate on command for breeding purposes is something you would not dare do. That is unless you’re prepared to take on the health risks since it is considered a dangerous job.

10. Urine Collector

Annual Salary: $80,000

No. It doesn’t work the way you think it does. Urine farmers collect urine from animals, such as deer, for hunting lure. They have farms where deers are left overnight in a room that has very tiny holes where their urine drips and gets collected in a large container. The collected urine is packaged, refrigerated, and shipped out.

When it comes to work, never judge a person by how clean or dirty they appear. The important thing is they get the job done that no one else wants to do.

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