2020 Landscaping Trends You Should Know

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A serious homeowner is concerned about the entire property. It is not just the interiors that need to look great or well kept. Sure, the inside of the home is important, but the other areas are also deserving of their share of attention. So the outside space also deserves some love, whether from an entire family or a solo homeowner.

A lot of people might not pay too much attention, but the outside space of a home is not just the front or back yard. There is a whole lot of space that is only waiting to be improved and given some serious upgrade. What about landscapes, then? It presents an awesome way to deal with the issue.

On that note, it is definitely worth anyone’s time to check out the top landscaping trends for 2020. After all, landscaping is one sure way to make that open space an eye-catcher. You can come up with a few original ones yourself.

All you really need is the desire to make your yard better than what it used to be. Or better yet, you can contact a Pendleton design expert to help you out.

1. Contemporary and Transitional Designs

When it comes to landscapes, contemporary means simple. This trend can be represented by modern sculptures and similar elements. The most popular elements being chosen are those that have the capability to withstand a whole range of different conditions and temperatures.

These include structures that offer protection and native plants.

2. Geometric Hardscaping

Hardscaping is when you have structures that are built of hard materials built into the landscape itself. Examples of geometric hardscaping are basket weaves, chevrons, lattices, and all kinds of waves. There is indeed a great increase in the demand for using some of the most popular home décor patterns.

Landscapes could definitely use those designs.

3. Gardens

man aligning rocksGardens are perennially popular and are excellent additions to landscapes. The same is going to be true for this year, 2020. What’s important here is that the gardens that are placed in the yards of homes have a personal touch of the owners. So if the space is actually small, the garden is going to reflect that.

If there is a larger area then the garden will likely have more variety to it. So it should not surprise anyone to find vegetables and even fruits there.

4. Blue, Blue, Blue

Since blue is the color of the year for 2020, it is only fitting that the landscapes also feature it. They are going to be used and then seen more on sculptures and other structures. Make no mistake about it, the blue phenomenon is not just something that’s going on inside as it spreads its way to the outer spaces as well.

The ones above are just a few of the latest trends that have popped up in landscaping. If you are thinking of ways to spice up your outdoor space, then these can definitely help you out. Keep in mind though that there is still a ton of other landscape options out there.

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