4 Home Improvement Tips for Better Mental Health

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Home improvements typically focus on increasing the value of your home. But did you know those home improvements could also boost your mental health? Even simple home renovations can help you achieve mental wellness.

But what are those home improvements that can boost your mental health? One example is replacing glass windows with larger ones to let natural light in. Brighter surroundings uplift your mood and provide more comfort. Thus, bringing more natural light into your home can give you some headspace.

Here are other simple home improvements for better mental health.

Add indoor plants

Adding an indoor plant is a simple way to boost mental health. Experts say that looking at the color green is good for the brain. The green color sets the mood to become optimistic. It also restores the energy lost in the body, as it makes the mind relax. So having an indoor plant in your home will make the surroundings cozier.

Plants also carry oxygen and release it as it absorbs carbon dioxide. It means that it goes well with humans as plants breathe the carbon dioxide that people produce. It is a mutual advantage between plants and humans. Hence, people could inhale freely and supply the brain with enough oxygen in the process.

Greenery also gives life to a room. Imagine a place where you can only see walls, tables, and chairs. The surroundings would be less homey and eventually creates stress. Plants are the spice to the scenery. It helps the environment become more relaxing and livelier.

Put an aquarium where the family relaxes

Another way to improve mental health is to put an aquarium in your home. Any area will do as long as the aquarium is noticeable at a distance. It makes people relax as they watch the colorful fishes swim and play around. Aquariums also help set the mood to make people sleep. Thus, it makes people replenish lost energy and makes the mind at peace.

An aquarium is one of the improvements that people could make for their homes. The bigger the aquarium placed in the house, the better. Try putting the aquarium in the living room or near the entrance door. Be sure that the fishes are visible once people arrive home. It could also be the main attraction for the family.

People may choose the fishes that they want to keep. Some suggest choosing fishes that are more colorful and in numbers. Avoid fishes that do not mingle with other breeds. A fighting fish prefers to be alone, although it has vibrant colors. Put small fishes that reflect on the light. They will surely uplift any mood in the room.

Change the flooring

Flooring and mental health may seem not related at all. But there is science behind it. Some homes would prefer carpeted floors that they clean up from time to time. But carpets, when left unclean, are a source of allergies and other illnesses. Your carpeted flooring may be the cause of your stress when someone becomes sick. Thus, it does not help the mind and may lead to anxiety.

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People should try bare and shiny floors instead of carpeted ones. Wooden floors or tiled floors also make the home spacious. It reflects the light from the ceiling. Hence, it creates a feeling of comfort and more mobility. Better yet, it eliminates dust and dirt that causes sickness. It helps the mind to feel free of negative conclusions that may arise.

Choose vibrant colors for your walls

It is ideal to have white-colored walls, as it represents space and tranquility. But people need to see lively colors as well to help them set a happy mood. Adding a happy color such as yellow or green at home is relevant to make the home more interesting to see. A joyful shade eliminates the negative feelings and creates a more lively vibe.

A home does not need to be so colorful. One colorful wall at a corner could be fun to see. People could also make a wall painting in a particular area where people could notice it. It could be in the living room or a hallway as long as it will add attraction to a home. All it takes is to choose the right color that fits the surroundings.


As they say, “A cluttered house is a cluttered mind.” It goes to show that a bright and secure home can work wonders for your mental health. With simple home renovations, you can transform your home into a sanctuary.

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