Want Your Home to Last? 4 Best Practices to Make It Possible

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You worked hard to get a house. Now it’s time to make sure that it stays in good shape for a long time. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are at a loss as to how they can do this. Maintaining a home can be daunting, after all, especially if you’re not familiar with the many complications it can experience. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to keep your house in good order.

There are plenty of reputable contractors that you can rely on to get the actual work done. What you need to know are the tasks that you need to prioritize.

Refresh Your Paint, Stains, and Finishes

Never underestimate the protection paints, stains, and finishes can provide your home. There are specific areas of your house that need them to survive the elements and enhance their durability. One of them is your home’s facade. Exterior painting and decorating will not only improve your curb appeal. If your exterior is made of wood, using high-quality paint and finish can prevent it from things like termite infestation and water damage, among others.

Another area worth focusing on is your deck since it’s exposed to the elements. If you live in California where the climate can be really hot, finding the most suitable deck coating option¬†will give you the best results. Just make sure that you get the help of a knowledgeable friend or a reliable contractor if you’re not keen on DIYing.

Check Your Foundation

There’s a reason gardeners and landscapers don’t recommend planting anything within eight inches of your home. Some even practice extra caution by starting further away, since they don’t want the soil surrounding your foundation to be constantly moist. This is because moisture can lead to rot, and once your foundation is rotting, your home’s entire structural integrity is compromised.

A number of things can happen as a consequence of this. Your doors and windows might get stuck or refuse to close altogether. Gaps will impact your insulation, and this will then cause your HVAC to work harder and your utility bill to skyrocket.

You can prevent this by clearing the immediate vicinity of your home of any vegetation. It’s also important to check if your gutter is overflowing, as that will cause water to stream to your foundation every time it rains.

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Install Safety Equipment

Is your home equipped with all the necessary safety equipment? This includes carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and radon detectors. These may seem like a lot of detectors for one home, but it’s better to be sure than sorry.

There are houses that are built on soil with naturally high amounts of radon. When you fail to maintain your foundation, it causes gaps around your house and cracks on your walls. Radon can seep in dangerous quantities, which can then lead to respiratory disorders like lung cancer. In case this happens, your house might be deemed uninhabitable.

The same risks apply if you don’t install and maintain your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Make sure that you get high-quality products and that they are installed correctly. Check the manual to know how often you should replace the batteries and perform other tasks to keep it functional. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to protect your family and your home from invisible hazards.

Keep Your Wiring and Plumbing in Working Order

Here’s where you need to do a little more research. It’s important that you’re familiar with the tell-tale signs of wiring and plumbing, as getting an early diagnosis can reduce the cost of repairs. Just as important as who you hire to perform your repairs. Letting just any plumber and electrician do the work might lead to substandard results and new problems. Avoid impulse hiring by reaching out to credible companies in your area. Take the time to research their services and to speak to their representatives. This will give you the best chance to save money as well as get quality workmanship for your home.

Practice Consistency

The more consistent you are in performing these tasks, the better the outcome you’ll enjoy. Keeping your home in excellent shape can be simple and affordable if you put in the effort to make it so. Fifteen to twenty years down the road, you can still be living in a house that is nothing short of impressive in terms of aesthetic and function.

There are certain practices that, when neglected, cause the biggest and most expensive damages to your home. By giving this special attention, you can significantly reduce the risk of rapid deterioration and costly repairs in the long run.

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