5 Simple Changes to Make That Will Improve Your Posture

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Poor posture is caused by the inefficient use of your muscles, which weakens over time and results in neck and shoulder pain, headaches, sleep issues, and fatigue. Besides the physical pain, it can also negatively influence your attitude, self-image, and confidence. Here are some easy changes you can incorporate into your daily routine to help correct your posture:

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Invest in a good mattress

An uncomfortable and low-quality mattress will not only leave you sleep-deprived, but it will also do a number on your body. You’re most likely to wake up feeling stiff and achy from sleeping on one. The best mattress for posture health should keep your body in a neutral and relaxed position. Your spine should hold its natural slight curve, and your shoulders, head, and back should be aligned. A memory foam mattress is ideal for posture correcting since it’s able to distribute your weight evenly and offer a high level of support. There are plenty of mattress options for you in American Fork. Memory foam or not, just make sure that it’s made of excellent quality and that you feel comfortable using it.

Wear supportive footwear

High-heeled shoes and flip flops can affect your gait pattern and arch support which creates stress on your back, legs, and feet, thus negatively affecting your posture. Avoid wearing these types of shoes on a regular basis and opt for shoes that offer more support such as running shoes or specialized orthotic shoes. You may also choose to wear specially designed inserts, also called insoles, which can provide cushioning for your arch.

Exercise regularly

Man running in treadmill

Since poor posture is usually a result of weak muscles, you should work on engaging and strengthening them. Simple exercises like walking, biking, jogging, and swimming can help you stay fit and will further develop your muscles to prevent injury. Your core and back muscles, in particular, need the most conditioning since they’re responsible for the upper body which is what maintains good posture. Simply be sure not to overexert yourself and only do exercises that you can manage.

Move your body often

When your muscles get tired, you become more likely to slouch or slump, putting pressure on your neck and back. Always be aware of your body position, and change positions frequently when you’ve been stuck in one place for too long in order to maintain a more relaxed posture. If your job entails sitting in an office chair for long periods of time, it’s recommended that you take a two-minute break to stand, stretch, and walk around a bit every half hour.

Use ergonomic and posture-friendly props

Supportive and ergonomic aids can be used to lessen the strain on your spine. These props include ergonomic office chairs with adjustable backrests and footrests if you’re required to sit for long periods of time. If you’re a student or someone who carries a heavy backpack, there are plenty of bags that are specifically designed to minimize back strain and try to lessen the load you’re carrying. Surprisingly, even corrective eyewear can help improve your posture since it corrects the straining of your neck and tilting of your head forward when using the computer.

Poor posture can negatively impact your health and daily life, but it’s easy to correct by incorporating these simple changes into your routine.

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