All-Around Care: Health and Hygiene Innovations to Improve Your Home

Healthcare is a billion-dollar industry that continues to improve each day. Many innovations happen every year. Some of these innovations find themselves in other industries. One of the essential industries that healthcare has integrated with throughout the years is the home industry.

Our homes may feel safe for normal adults. However, as we continue to age, we start to need more care. This is the same for every home that has an infant. Healthcare is an essential service that can take care and give proper hygiene to those that can’t take care of themselves. This is why innovations in health and hygiene continue to develop new and varying technologies every year. Some may include the presence of automatons, while some are meant to monitor the health of those who live in your home. These are some of the essential innovations in health and hygiene that can improve your home.

LG’s Virus Killing Robot

The pandemic is still upon us. Millions of lives are at stake each day. Those who are at most risks from the virus are the elderly.

We never know if our house is infected by the virus or any disease for that matter. These microbial enemies of humankind are invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, those vulnerable to diseases such as the old and the very young can easily get sick from these organisms without us knowing about it. One of the innovations of this year aims to destroy these microscopic organisms so that we can live healthily at home.

LG’s CLOi is one of the innovations in robotic healthcare that has found praise among the scientific community. This particular innovation can keep your home clean while also protecting you from any diseases. It uses ultraviolet light to kill and disinfect any surfaces that might have disease-spreading organisms living within them. This particular innovation is great if you have an elderly living in your home, as they are susceptible to the influence of these kinds of organisms.

Currently, LG’s CLOi is being used in hospitals and at homes for the aged. However, after the initial trials are done, these virus killing robot will eventually make their way into homes.

Smart Devices

smart home

You might have seen it in your neighborhood: homes that are controlled by technology. You might be in one before or might have seen one on the television. Currently, you might think that it’s a fraud because homes like this should only exist in shows. However, smart homes are becoming the norm, and they are growing each day.

Smart devices primarily aim to improve your convenience in your home. These devices can automate certain functions for you, such as the HVAC system or even the lights. However, these smart devices are also being used to help monitor the health of various individuals living in your home. The great part about this particular smart device is that you don’t need to renovate your home entirely for it to work. They are a great home improvement tool with minimal hassle. So consider getting them in your home.

Smart healthcare systems can monitor the health of your family members living in your home through the use of various existing technologies we have today. Some smart devices can be worn, while some are part of your home’s smart integrated systems. They are great to have if you have an infant or an elderly who might need emergency attention when you are not home.

Hygiene Devices

Hygiene devices have also improved the way we live in our homes. Different devices reduce the time we need to clean ourselves and, even better, maintain our bodies’ state.

Before, we used to think that electronic toothbrushes are the toothbrushes of the future. However, today, you can clean your teeth without using a toothbrush. This particular teeth bleaching kit is one of the best in the market. It uses LED light to remove stains from your teeth so you can keep your teeth white for the rest of the day. It’s a must-have for every home that’s always busy and on-the-move. Another benefit of this device is that it can help you conserve water because you wouldn’t need to brush as much anymore to maintain your teeth’s radiance.

Another great hygiene device is automatic air fresheners. Sometimes our home can smell bad, and sometimes we aren’t there to maintain it. Automatic air fresheners do this for us so our homes can smell clean and fresh every day.

If you want to clean yourself in a futuristic manner, looping showers are becoming a trend in many homes today. These automated showers can cleanse your body all-around because of their looped design. Water can sprinkle from all sides, meaning whatever dirt or muck you want to be removed will be removed. These are an excellent combination alongside smart devices because they can maintain how much water you use for your shower.

Home innovation is the main priority of many families today. Improving our homes for the better can help eliminate nasty diseases and make us live healthy lives. Thankfully, many healthcare innovations can help with exactly that. These healthcare innovations have changed the way we take care of our home and ourselves for the better.

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