Are you experiencing a stressful divorce?

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Have you been going through a divorce? It may have been a difficult and confusing time in your life, and you may be wondering what you can do to make the process just that little bit easier. Going through a divorce can not only take its toll on a person’s financial health, but can also affect them emotionally. This is why many individuals may choose to invest in divorce solicitors in Guildford. Despite the many common misconceptions about the field of family law, divorce solicitors may not be as expensive as you think!

So how much will a divorce solicitor cost me?

Many individuals may refrain from reaching out to their local firm as they may believe the cost will be unreasonable, however many modern law firms are now offering their clients fixed legal costs. Despite this however not every partnership will have agreed on the division of their assets and child custody, which is why many individuals may seek legal help.

Helping you at every stage of the process

If you are finding it hard to divide assets (whether this be a property, car, or savings) you may feel that a lawyer could help you. Whether for more simple legal cases, or for more complex legal matters (if disagreements are involved) disputes could develop further and therefore become more expensive for both parties involved.

What to expect from the legal process

The modern field of divorce law can be difficult to navigate for many individuals (especially for those who have never previously sought legal help), which is why many firms are now striving to make the entire process as simple as possible. A professional firm will deal with your matters both discreetly and as swiftly as possible.

So what happens next?

Within our fast-paced modern society the hustle and bustle of everyday life can become overwhelming. A divorce solicitor can not only give sound legal advice, but they can also help relieve the burden that divorce can bring into many people’s lives. It is important to remember that every legal case varies greatly, and that despite their uniqueness every case will begin with a petition and end with something called a ‘decree absolute’. The availability of the court and the individuality of each legal case can influence the time period needed, despite this however the average divorce takes around six months.

When should I seek legal help?

Many individuals may be unsure of whether their unique legal case warrants professional intervention from a divorce solicitor, however many firms suggest that you reach out for help as soon as you are able. Seeking early intervention can not only make the entire process faster, but it can also ensure the client is supported every single step of the way.

Are you experiencing problems within your relationship?


Within the modern field of divorce law there are now five reasons that a relationship may end, one example of which is in the case of adultery, which can make it unbearable to live in partnership together. The other reasons include desertion, unreasonable behaviour, living apart for more than two years with agreement and without agreement, living apart for more than five years. Any of these situations can result in seeking divorce and can benefit from the advice of a divorce solicitor.

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