The two key associations with straighter teeth

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Dental practitioners in the UK continue to report unprecedented numbers of patients, particularly those under the age of 35 interested in teeth straightening treatments. A research study has shown that 53 per cent of this young generation embrace aesthetics-focused dental treatments to improve the look of their smiles as compared to only 9 per cent of those older than 35.

Considering the great interest in cosmetic dentistry, it is worthwhile taking a look at the motivating factors behind this trend. The numerous desirable benefits of correcting the alignment of teeth are split into two main categories: aesthetics and health, dental as well as physical. Proper alignment of teeth is equally important to enjoy good oral health and is a major contributor to an aesthetically-pleasing smile.

What a straight smile can do for you

Does a straight smile really have that magical effect that we are led to believe this simple form of facial expression possesses? We need only to look at some of the payoffs pleasing smiles provide.

Improved oral hygiene

Simply put, straightening crooked teeth to bring the dental arch into proper alignment makes teeth brushing and flossing easier and more effective. Provided these dentist-recommended practices are correctly followed, they will need fewer dental cleanings to get rid of enamel-destroying plaque and tartar build-up.

Optimal hygiene also makes it less likely that bad bacteria present in the mouth will find their way into the bloodstream and affect heart health.

Surge in confidence

Confidence and a positive self-concept are indispensable elements of achieving success in all areas of one’s life. Confidence, which is generally a trait linked to beauty, is considered a highly desirable trait that points to leadership ability, competence in carrying out duties and responsibilities at work and even intelligence.


Social happiness

Having an imperfect smile can prove extremely punishing in blocking social engagement with others. These persons will be too embarrassed about the way they look to seek out relationships and this gives rise to feelings of isolation and depression.

With so much going for a pleasing dental appearance it is no wonder then that interest in cosmetic dentistry is setting the dental industry ablaze. The unprecedented market demand for teeth straightening appliances has introduced new treatment delivery systems like direct-to-consumer orthodontics. Yes, these delivery systems may at first appear more convenient but the General Dental Council (GDC) cautions against patients opting for this choice. It is far better to search for an Invisalign dentist near me and have a proper dental examination and consultation carried out in person at a reputable dental clinic. This option works to the benefit of the patient, as the treatment delivery system at the hands of the dental practitioner is found to be reliable, safe, effective and more likely to produce desired results.

If millennials are renowned for their high regard for experiences, efficacious healthcare treatments and convenience, then having a registered supervising dentist oversee the teeth straightening process is a no-brainer.

A competent and caring dental team is more than ready to answer all questions regarding the teeth straightening process and to find a suitable personalised treatment plan for the individual patient.

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