Be An Extraordinary Manager: 4 Attitudes You Should Have

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There is a lot more that goes into managing a business than holding meetings and reviewing profitability graphs. There is that tricky business of handing a motley of people for one and the pressure of having to keep everything together in the face of disaster.

Did you ever wonder what separates a good manager from a spectacular one? Do you have to be born under a particular sign or be a certain height? Is it something you are born with or something that can be learned from a book?

Here are some of the qualities it takes to be a successful business manager.

1. Exquisite Problem Solving Skills

Just like a master mechanic will search for the exact worm gear in Wisconsin to get a machine to work properly, so will this manager scrutinize the issue from every angle can extract exactly what went wrong where and what needs to be done to fix it.

He or she will waste little time pointing fingers and will instead buckle down to find solutions right away. He will look at the big picture and every angle possible. That is the way a great manager will find solutions.

2. An Appropriately Wicked Sense of Creativity and Vision

If you’re sorely lacking in the imagination department, perhaps managing is not for you. A manager is expected to find ways to improve situations, systems, and sales continuously. Most often than not, he or she needs to be looking at things from upside down, inside out and outside in to come up with new strategies and innovations that will benefit the company.

3. The Ability to Bring Out The Best in People

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You don’t have to be the world’s most loved manager or the funniest. You just need to help people relax around you and be themselves. Usually, being themselves is the best version they can be. Some managers find it difficult to delegate or have the tendency to micromanage, thinking that better results will be had this way. What they’re doing is saying to their team members he doesn’t trust them or their work. Your job is to manage the people and allow them to do their best work.

4. Be Widely Read and Trends and Information

Sure, there is value in doing things the old-fashioned, tried and tested ways but you also have to be aware of what everyone else is doing. Be highly knowledgeable of your industry’s innovations, technology, and trends.

Information is coming in faster than ever before so you must also be adept at separating what can be used from the fluff. Inspire greatness from your team by sharing stories of greatness in other sectors. Fill their minds with visions of what you have read and what you know and let them come up with ideas of their own.

There are so many qualities that can make up a great leader but they all come down to getting to know your business and your people. Great heights can be achieved if you can effectively mesh together with the strengths of your product with those of your team members.

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