Bigger Boats Means Bigger Fun in Great Lakes

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Lake Michigan is a great place to spend the day, but taking your kids out to the water can be difficult, but not with a pontoon boat. The boat’s larger deck makes your trip more comfortable, and a few customizations can make your boat perfect for every activity.

Take the Kids Out Fishing

Pontoon boats may be slower than the usual fishing boats — but they are vastly more comfortable. A smoother ride is preferable than a fast one, especially with kids. A bumpy ride can lead to bruises, cuts, or worse, accidents. Pontoon boats will provide a leisurely ride at a good pace; you can also customize your boats with all the amenities your family could want. Stay away from the sun and heat by adding sun shades to your boat and keep things cool with a refrigerated cooler. When it comes to kids, making sure they’re comfortable is essential if you want them to pick up any activity. Pontoon boats allow you to customize your seats and seat placements for maximum comfort. A couple of fishing chairs with rod stands should be enough for your trip, and you can have the kids take turns if you have more than two. You can also opt to install a grill and cook any fish that you catch.

Ride the Waves

There’s no surf in the lakes, but you can make your own waves. Add a wakeboard tower or a ski towbar to your pontoon and make your kids’ trip to the lakes more memorable. Make sure to gear up with the necessary safety equipment and have a blast riding the waves. Older kids can try their hands at wakeboarding or skiing, and pretty soon, they’ll be flying in the air with their little stunts. Younger kids can go tubing, but you’ll need to ease up on the gas to make their ride a little less bumpy and more comfortable. Riding the waves can be tiring, so don’t forget to bring snacks and refreshments to keep energy levels up and keep the fun going. Smaller pontoon boats can hold eight people, and mid-size ones can comfortably seat 13, allowing you to bring more kids or even host a small party.

Make Time for the Old Folks

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The adults can get their turn fishing, and a pontoon can still be a serious fishing boat. It might be a bit more complicated in rough waters or stormy weather; however, if you’re fishing to relax and lay back, it shouldn’t be a problem. A livewell or two should be enough to hold your catch for a whole day of fishing, and a depth finder can tell you fish locations if you’re a bit more serious in your fishing. A couple of corner seats should give you enough freedom to cast your lures in a wide area, and rod slots make small talk easier as you wait for the fish to bite.

A trip to the lakes can be made better with the right kind of boat. Customize your pontoon to your family’s needs and make trips to the lake more enjoyable and memorable.

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