Boarding Options for Your Pup While You’re on Vacation

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One of the not-so-fun parts of traveling is leaving your dog behind. As much as you want to bring your pet along when you explore new places, it’s not always possible. Most hotels, restaurants, national parks, and other establishments are not pet-friendly. Also, air travel can be both stressful and dangerous to your fur baby.


While you consider your pet as a treasured member of the family, commercial airlines might not hold the same perspective and would consider your dog as mere cargo. Here are some options to consider when leaving your dog for a vacation:


1. Find a board and training facility.


If you’re going on a vacation, you can use this time to make your dog learn basic manners. Several facilities in Jacksonville offer boarding and training programs for dogs. These programs usually last for 14 days, so you’re furkid gets a place to stay while he learns certain behaviors. This is better than other boarding options because you are sure that the dog trainer is giving him the attention he needs.


When you choose in-home board and train, the trainer will keep your pet in his home, and he will be a part of the family. It’s cage-less, so your dog can socialize, exercise, and walk with other dogs. This will keep your pup engaged in an active and appropriate playtime while you enjoy your well-deserved holiday.


2. Hire a pet sitter in your home.


Your dog will be comfortable in his environment, so it’s also a great idea to have someone take care of him in your home. Hiring a pet sitter can be costly, but he’ll stay in your house most of the time so your pet will likely get constant care and supervision. Find someone reliable and responsible through recommendations and word of mouth.


You can ask referrals from your dog's veterinarian, dog groomer, pet trainer, and fellow fur parents in your community. You can also use online professional services that have listings of trusted pet sitters. When you’ve chosen a qualified pet sitter, have the pet sitter visit your home, watch him interact with your pet, and see if your dog approves your choice.


3. Recruit family and friends to care for your dog in their house or yours.



When you’re not around, your dog will feel more at ease when they see familiar faces. If your siblings, close friends, or parents live close, they can be great candidates because they know your dog. Ask them if they can dedicate enough time to look after your pup. If they are pet owners like you, offer to return the same favor someday and say thank you by giving them a small token from your travel.


While you wish to include Fido in your vacations, it would be best to leave him at a comfortable place so as not to compromise his safety. It is important to find trusted hands who’ll attend to his needs while you’re away. You might be separated for days or weeks, but you can always look forward to a happy reunion. As soon as you come home, your four-legged kid will excitedly wag his tail, give you loads of kisses, and show you the new things he learned while you're away.  

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