Bringing that Spa-like Vibe in Your Bedroom

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Many homeowners dream of having a bedroom that’s calm and soothing, allowing them to forget about the stress and grind of everyday life. Of course, when we talk about relaxation, images of a spa would immediately come to mind. That’s why in order to bring the same look and feel to your bedroom, you can use your favorite spa as your style inspiration. You don’t need your own sauna or a personal masseuse on standby to achieve that spa-like vibe. There are simple style and design hacks you can do to turn your room from a mere space for sleeping into a relaxing sanctuary where you can truly regain your strength for another busy day.

If you’ve ever been to the spa, one of the first things you’ll notice is the soothing color palette that would immediately give you that relaxing feeling. You can create the same in your bedroom by going for earth tones, mint green and sky blue for your wall colors. Light taupe or a buttery shade of yellow are perfect options as well. For the accents, white and ivory will do the trick.

But, other than the entire color palette, here are some of the spa design principles you can incorporate in your bedroom for that heaven-like atmosphere:

Go with some gentle lighting

For bedroom lighting, try to avoid making space appear harsh or way too bright. But, if you’re planning to do other tasks besides sleeping, such as reading a book, working on your laptop, or snacking at night, you’ll need an adequate amount of lighting. When you buy furniture online in Singapore, don’t forget to include a pair of table lamps that you can put on top of your night stands so you’ll have enough task lighting. But, for other light sources such as pendant lights and chandeliers, your best option is to get them connected to a dimmer switch. With this, you can switch your lighting to something softer whenever you want for that overall mellow look and feel.

Splurge on some luxurious fabrics

Wooden bench in the foot of the bed with grey bedding and cozy blanket

A spa-inspired bedroom will not be complete without some luxurious linens that will make your space comfortable and relaxing. For that extra comfort factor, never resort to low-quality fabrics for your bed sheets. Pick up some sheets with a thread count of at least 300 such as Egyptian cotton. For your bedspread, soft fabric such as sateen are excellent choices. Also, who says you can’t mix style and comfort? To make your bed more visually appealing, choose a style that comes with interesting embroidered patterns. Also, let as much natural light as possible pass through your room by using sheers on your windows.

Finally, pay attention to your other senses, too. Decorating a room may be all about visual elements, but you can take it to the next level by engaging all your other senses as well to truly recreate that spa-like experience. To melt all the stress of day-to-day work away, put up some candles or a reed diffuser that comes in scents such as chamomile, sandalwood, or lavender.

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