Building on Home Security During the Construction Phase

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Most homeowners think about the security of their homes after construction. We think about installing an automated home security system and putting iron bars on the first-floor windows only after we’ve moved into the house. The problem with this is that our decisions are often affected by the fact that we’re there and we don’t like disruptions such as the installation of stronger windows and the setting up of security cameras.

That’s why it’s important to make sure these things are already in place before we move into the house. Make sure that your contractor is involved in the installation of these security measures. But also, you have to make sure your contractors can be trusted not to reveal the blueprint of your home to anyone outside the family.

Entry Points

The most popular entry point for a burglar is the main doors. You may want to place the front door on the side of the house fronting the street. That ensures that your neighbors and passersby can see it from the street. Burglars won’t try to enter through the front door if others can see what they are doing. At the same time, other entry points should be secure, too.

Another popular entry point for criminals is the window well in the basement. You should install high-quality window well covers that’s made of durable material before you move into your home. If you are going to use glass, choose highly durable ones that will not be easy to break into. You can also consider adding iron bars with a lock accessible inside.

Think about the kind of garage door you will have installed, too. The garage is another common entry point for burglars since you sometimes leave it open. If there’s an access door between the garage and main house, choose a sturdy material and none of the flimsy plastic door often seen in some houses.

Front and Back Yard

If you’re leaving next to the woods, that will be the perfect spot for criminals to hide and bid their time. One way to counter such a perfect spot is to pave that part of the property with gravel. This will create a loud noise when someone walks on it. Make sure also that the layout of your house allows for a full view of your front and back yards. Large windows should be facing the yard so your view of it will not be obscured.

Plants and trees should not be in areas that will allow burglars to hide from them. Carefully plan the garden, so you won’t have to decide to remove trees and plants later on. Identifying the spots where burglars can come from and attack your property is the best thing to do before building your home.

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Gates and Fences

What is the best gate and fence to secure a home? Should you opt for tall fences or would that mean no one else can see through your property when burglars find themselves inside? Should you choose a low fence, or would that make it easy for potential burglars to get inside? The best choice is to go for a low fence in front of the house so that neighbors can see unscrupulous activities on your property. For the back of the house, choose a higher fence to make it harder for burglars to enter through that part.

Security Cameras

Plan ahead where you are going to set up the security cameras. Often, homeowners choose areas where to set up the cameras after the house has been constructed. It’s easier to put them up during the construction phase. Since they are the priority, the contractor shall avoid erecting structures that will obscure the cameras’ view of the whole property.

Position the cameras right away. You can also conceal some cameras while revealing some units. This will help discourage burglars from targeting your property. They won’t even attempt if they see cameras are facing that way. On the other hand, by hiding the other cameras, you will prevent criminals from identifying the actual blind spots in your property. Contact the surveillance camera company during the construction phase, so they can advise you where best to put the cameras.

You have more options to secure your home during the construction period than when it’s already built. While securing your property requires a lot of money, it’s nothing compared to the comfort and safety you and your family will feel. Planning and executing such plans properly are the key to successfully fortifying your property.

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