Bulletproof Your Career with a Degree in Business Analytics


Big Data is becoming a staple for many business entities as they seek to have an edge on the market. Having the right skills lets you help companies make sense of any data they collect.

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A quick search of the phrase ‘Big Data’ returns more than eight billion results in under a second. The results further reinforce the observation that data plays a crucial role in the modern-day business environment. With the help of emerging technologies, companies are harvesting big data in droves.

Unbeknownst to many companies, harvesting data and information is only part of a larger equation. Making sense of data is the second and most challenging part. Attaining a degree from NUS in Master of Science in Business Analytics is a significant win for your career. They have courses that give you a chance to cash on the growing demand for skilled data analysts.

The key to innovations

Successful businesses understand the value of filling their ranks with professionals who have the ability to manipulate data. Such people help businesses make sense of the data they collect and interpret them correctly. The results from their exercises help companies make sound business decisions.

With the Internet lowering the entry-level in many business sectors, the competition is cut-throat and fierce. There’s no room for error when looking to introduce a new product and service into the market. You need a sure footing to avoid incurring spectacular loses and disappointing your target market.

The need to make sense of vast amounts of data creates a growing demand for skilled business data analysts. These people help companies understand today’s dynamic market and consumer preferences. Consumer data help paint a realistic picture that companies can use to inform their business strategies.

Increases operational efficiency

Human psychology remains one of the complex subjects on the planet. What drives a customer to pick one product over the other? How do shoppers approach the shopping process? How does shopping habits vary between genders, age brackets, social status?

These are some of the questions that are crucial to business success. Proper analysis of Big Data helps companies come up with reliable answers. Armed with such information, they can go ahead to create a product that will resonate well with the market.

Such information offers companies deep insights into their target market, their preferred demographics, social status, and more. All these factors influence the product colours, placement, advertising medium, and informs the marketing strategy. It also lets these companies track performance and make any adjustments necessary to achieve runaway success.

Shrug off growing competition

business colleagues

Stiff competition often leads companies to engage in the destructive pricing wars, which leave all parties bleeding money. With the help of data analytics, businesses can identify unique ways to market their products. Deep market insights result in quick wins while ensuring a healthy bottom line.

Deep insights into the target market help companies anticipate and plan for changes in the future. That lets them create products and services that not only resonate with the market, but also live up to their expectations. It leads to the creation of products and services that solve pressing pain for the buyers.

Pursuing a career in business analytics not only increases your earning potential, but also bulletproofs your career. It marks you as a visionary professional to help businesses thrive in the 21st century. It opens up your career options on a global scale.

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