Buying Travel Souvenirs: Choosing the Most Functional and Special Pieces

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Souvenirs are something we all take home with us after a trip. They remind us of an awesome time in an awesome place. Sometimes, they evoke memories more precious than what photographs can bring. Buying souvenirs is a great way to remember a great vacation, especially when you’re unable to, or prefer not to, take a lot of photos.

Most souvenirs come in a form of little trinkets like magnets, or statement artworks, kitchenware, and clothing. Some people opt to buy more extravagant items like wine and expensive sculpture. Basically, anything locally-made in the country you’re traveling to can be considered a souvenir.

But are there pieces that more worth buying than the other? Forbes interviewed top travel company executives and rounded up their favorite souvenir items. You might get an idea from them before you shop for mementos.

1. Snow Globe

Snow globes, while having no essential function, is a fascinating decorative piece that fits almost any room. Children adore it, so if you have young kids, maybe a snow globe would be a nice accessory for their rooms.

2. Custom Glasses

Local artisan creations are also great and unique souvenirs, so if you drop by a glassblower, you might want to take a piece of their creations home.

3. Kitchenware

Cutlery, cutting boards, plates, and other kitchen accessories are also amazing souvenirs, especially if you have a knack for decorating kitchens or you love cooking. And speaking of cooking, cookbooks can also be a souvenir. If you loved the dishes from the country you visited, learning their recipes will make you feel like you’re back again.

4. Paintings

If your walls are bare, an art piece will add life and color to it. Consider buying a statement painting the next time you go travel. Choose something that depicts some characteristics of the place you traveled to so that you’d always be reminded of its beauty.

5. Traditional Clothing

If you’re an enthusiast about different cultures and traditions, buying a piece of traditional clothing from a country you visited may just be your best souvenir.

6. Mugs

Mugs can either be kitchenware or home decor, but no matter which way you use it, it’s definitely a cute and functional souvenir piece.

7. Arts and Crafts

Like custom glasses, arts and crafts are also something you can get from local artisans. Buying their creations supports their work and promotes their talent, so pay tribute to them and the country you visited by displaying their works at your home.

Other Highly Recommended Souvenir Items

Souvenir shop. Traditional slipper Tsarouchi shoes. Greece

If you’re on a budget, chances are you would only stick to affordable but unique and interesting finds. Seasoned travelers love to take home the following souvenir items:

1. Fashionable Clothing and Accessories

Since traditional clothing is something you can only display and not wear, you can opt to buy fashionable tees in a country or state you’re about to visit instead. Phoenix souvenirs, for example, include an impressive assortment of souvenir tees for kids and adults that are all cute, stylish, and comfortable. They also have other useful items like keychains, caps, throw blankets, and necklaces.

2. Home Decor

Textiles, coasters, and other local home decor pieces are useful and wonderful souvenir items as well. If your luggage still has a lot of room, you may want to consider desk lamps, rugs, and wood carvings, too.

3. Food products

Eating local dishes and snacks is one of the best parts of traveling, so take home the experience by bringing home some of the tastiest food products you’ve tried. If a certain seasoning is only available in a particular country you’re visiting, go get a few bottles for yourself because you’d certainly miss its taste back home.

With these special and functional souvenir ideas, you won’t ever get stuck to buying only fridge magnets again. Take your souvenir buying game to the next level by investing in these remarkable items.

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