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Winter Decor

Winter Decor Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for the Upcoming Season

If you can’t wait to exchange fall’s mustard yellows and fiery oranges for winter’s icy blues and snow whites once the calendar flips to November 1st, you’re not the only one! Although winter technically doesn’t start until we’re well into December, a lot of people start decorating for the upcoming holiday season after Halloween. Suddenly,

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wood countertop

A Beech Worktop: The Way to a Stylish Kitchen

Choosing the finish for your kitchen worktops offers a plethora of decisions to be made; from granite to concrete, from marble to laminate, the variety is vast. But if you’re looking for a timeless top that complements every kitchen, you may be attracted to wooden worktops. There are a number of different types of wood

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The Most Stubborn Stains on Stone Countertops

Stone countertops, especially marble, are highly-coveted due to their luxuriousness and aesthetic value. Granite, in particular, is also famed for its ability to increase a home’s worth. But aside from those two specific types, more options are available, such as quartz, concrete, solid surface, slate, limestone, onyx, and soapstone. Despite a stone countertop’s price tag,

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small home interior

Keeping Your Small Home Well-maintained and Organized

It may sound like a dream to live in a small house where you can reach everything you need by taking only a couple of steps. It can get tiring to live in a spacious home where you have to shout on top of your lungs to call your parents, siblings, partner, or children. But

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luxury home

DIY for Beginners: How to Bring Your House into the 21st Century

Home improvement projects typically involve painting your walls or building a new shelf. Thanks to technology, you can take it up a notch. Why settle for decorations when you can make your house better suited for your needs? Avoid complicated work that only industrial electrical contractors or engineers can do. If you pick the right

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luxurious home

Low-cost Ways to Achieve a Luxurious Home

Everyone wants to have a home that exudes comfort and sophistication. But achieving an upscale home can be difficult, especially if finances are tight. Fortunately, there are ways to add luxury to your space without emptying your bank account. Invest in hardwood floors While wall-to-wall carpeting can give a cozy feel to any room, it

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construction planning

Building Renovation: How Can You Make Smart Decisions?

When it comes to building renovation, cost-effectiveness is always top of mind. That can be challenging to do since there are several factors that building managers need to consider throughout the process. The following renovation pointers below can help you stay on track and make long-term improvements that pay off in the long run. Stick

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gutter installation

DIY Gutter Installation Is a Terrible Idea. Here’s Why

Gutters are critical to keeping your house in top condition. They protect the roof from leakage and water damage and your landscape from erosion. They also act as a shield for your roof, reducing the impact of outdoor elements. Some homeowners, however, underestimate the importance of gutters. As such, they choose to turn their gutter

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front view of a house

Pointers for Natural Home Cooling

The summer months bring hot days and warmer nights. Many of us will be tempted to run the AC at full blast just to stay comfortable amidst the heat and humidity. But AC units use a lot of energy and can drive your energy bills through the roof if you are not very careful. Air

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Kitchen interior

Kitchen Trends for 2020 to Consider for Your Home

The kitchen is one of the biggest staples of the home. Even as sentiments shift and society changes, it is a core part of what makes a space a home. Whether you’re a foodie who loves to cook, an influencer who wants an area to show off, or a busy parent who starts mornings cooking

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