Choosing Types of Wooden Furniture for the Home

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Wood is an essential component used in building homes and creating furniture. Homes decorated in wooden pieces and trimming imbibe a cozy ambiance compared to houses filled with industrial steel pieces. Likewise, wood is one building material that has always stood the test of time. Like wine, wooden furnishings grow more beautiful as they age.

Enthusiasts and designers appreciate items that are refurbished and revived into their previous glory. If you want to invest in wooden furniture, make sure that you select items made from high-quality wood and not just put together from several layers of recycled wood materials. Take a look at these tips for buying the best wooden furniture for the home.

Drawers and Cabinets

When shopping for statement drawers and cabinets to display in your living area, pull out the drawers all the way out. It should latch properly and shut close evenly without a snap. Closet doors should stay in an open position when opened. It should not snap close when you are taking something in or out of the cabinet. Cabinet doors should close shut evenly as well. Check all the knobs and the handles and make sure that they do not jiggle, turn, or are crookedly fitted.

If you want a wooden cabinet to stay for many years, opt for solid wood material. It may be more expensive, but it can look great in any setting. The colors and the designs are also for your consideration. Cherry wood has that rich color that ages gracefully, while Birchwood has an excellent finish that is great for open shelves, display cabinets, and vanity cabinets.

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Tables and Chairs

One of the most common issues in wooden furniture can be noticed in tables and chairs. Some older pieces tend to become uneven — such as the legs of a chair and the tabletops. Fortunately, those made with solid wood can be easily restored and repaired. So, if you are going to buy a new set of wooden dining tables and chairs, a unique coffee table, or a wooden living room sofa, choose them wisely. Check the evenness of the legs of the furniture, it should not wobble, and the top should be free from scratches or cracks.

The legs should be made from heavy wood with either tenon, dovetail, or mortise joints. Metal, plastic, or rubber legs can damage floors and will not last long. The same can be said for legs that are joined using nails or screws. And if you are buying a sofa, check for an extra leg in the middle to provide better support.

Test the Cushions and the Springs

Typically, sofa, love seats, and ottoman chairs are upholstered with lovely fabrics and cushions. Some even have traditional coiled springs for a firmer feel. When buying wooden furniture fitted with springs, you should learn the best types of springs for your needs. Coiled springs are firmer, while zigzag coils offer a more comfortable feel.

More so, cushions should be firm with a removable cover that matches the outer side of your furniture. You might not appreciate firm cushions, but this material holds up better in time. Furniture with fully-covered cushions is more expensive than those with some patterns on one side and plain colored backing. But go for fully-covered ones as they wear evenly and last longer when flipped regularly in a few months. Ideally, you should also find products with washable covers.

Realistic Choices

Wood furniture is sometimes associated with old-world affluence. Solid wood creations can be found in regal homes and properties as they are treasured by generations to the next. Some people would love to buy these types of furniture because they last long and add so much appeal to the home. However, you should also consider your lifestyle and homestyle when choosing wood furniture pieces.

Keep in mind that solid wood is hefty, and sometimes it would need lots of space. Measure the space in your home where you plan to put the furniture. If you are buying online, check the dimensions several times to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate them.

Additionally, when choosing furniture with cushions, choose colors and fabrics that will work for your lifestyle. If you have kids or pets, it is best to choose dark-colored cushions that are tough and stain-resistant. Choosing suede, faux-leather, and light-colored sofas when you have active dogs or kids is not a very good idea.

Buying wood furniture is not high on the list for people who are just starting to settle down. It is understandable because solid wood can be expensive. But soon, people realize the quality and cost-savings of choosing wood furniture over other options.

Though there is also another cheaper wood variety, choosing solid and heavy wood items is highly recommended. Consider these tips in choosing the best furniture pieces for your home. Whether you want to buy a new set of dining tables and chairs, a vanity cabinet, or display shelves, you can find the perfect furniture piece for your home.

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