Creepy-crawlies Keep Bugging Your Home? Here’s What You Can Do

ladybugs on a leaf

Let’s face it—roaches, bugs, and mice aren’t exactly the kind of pets you would want your house to be infested with, and it surely is a lot of a hassle keeping those pesky critters away for your family’s convenience. American homes are no stranger to these mini trespassers, especially in cities such as New Orleans, Miami, and New York, to name a few. May it be indoor or outdoor infestations, investing for a quality pest control would be one of the best options to get rid of those vermin that are living rent-free within your property.

No one wants to keep a home infested with pests, no matter how mild or major the effects of it may be. Before ultimately seeking help for pest controls and exterminators, you can actually do some firsthand pest eradication methods to alleviate the inconvenience that these pestiferous creatures create.

Here are a couple of things you can do primarily to control the infestation:

Keep your garden bright and beautiful.

As much as insects love hanging out in standing water, they also love to linger on your garden plants and flowers. You may opt for buying or planting natural insect-repellent plants such as geraniums, basils, and marigold to name a few. Filling your garden with these plants may not truly keep the most stubborn insects away, but they do keep the general critters away—not to mention making your garden humbly beautiful, too! Talk about beauty with a cause!

Insect or bug-repellant lights are also one way to keep your garden bright and at the same time controlling the infestation to a reasonable degree. Flies love bright sources of light, so buying these variations of garden lights will ultimately lessen their attraction as it uses a low and yellowish source of illumination, which makes it difficult for them to perceive light and get close to it.

Save up those eggshells.

Wait what? Well, you read that right! If you have a problem with lizard infestation, then eggshells are the easiest option for you to control their crowding. Lizards hate the pungent odor that egg shells emit, so they will definitely steer themselves away from it, especially when you put them in spots where these little crocodiles usually hang around. Be sure to take those eggshells to the trash by the next day to avoid further bacterial contamination.

Check areas for stagnant water.

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, dragonflies, and maggots love stagnant water as it usually is the one place they treat as a home. If you have fountains or birdbaths, be sure to upgrade it if it does not make use of running water. Keep in mind the places where rainwater is most likely to be stored, such as pots, buckets, and cans, and make sure to overturn them as soon as the rainfall stops. You may also keep track of your gutters and waterspouts and check to see any clogging debris that may keep water from flowing.

Be also wary of your gardening habits and make sure that you do not overwater your plants when you use your sprinklers. In such circumstances that you have a nearby pond, you may also try buying pet fishes that may help you eliminate mosquito eggs to stop their reproduction. Water is indeed an important need for humans and animals alike, but not when it comes to the inconvenience of these pests that may cause you.

leftover food in a wok

When the party’s over, throw away the leftovers.

Vermins are always on the lookout for spare food to eat, so be sure to throw away leftovers or keep your containers sealed shut so that they will have no way to get their hands on your food. While fruits may be a beautiful staple on your center tables, it is also one easy target for mice and bugs scurrying around for any source of food. This situation is the most acceptable reason for being selfish regarding your treats!

Drain drains.

Yup! While emptying your gutters and waterspouts outside, do not forget to also clean your floor and sink drains inside your homes and keep those hairy gunk away. You would not want the revolting sight of your hair and dirt together to be a breeding ground for insects, wouldn’t you? Make sure to keep those drains free from clogs, and your worries will surely be eventually wiped away if you do so!

The Bottomline

One way or another, out of all these methods, there is a common denominator: keep everything clean. The cleaner your home is, the less the attraction of pests would be. Start controlling the infestation outside, and work your way within. But if things get a little out of hand, be sure to ask the right personnel to help you!

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