Dental Fashion Trends to Make You Stand Out

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What do you know? It seems teeth are getting a drastic makeover. A quick look at Hollywood stars of today, from Rihanna to Saweetie to Beyonce, should tell you teeth can do better than be white. With all the grillz they’re wearing, following the footsteps of rappers such as Slick Rick and Big Daddy Cane, these globe-trotting celebrities are egging the new generation to get their gold teeth on. But is it a timely decision to up your fashion? ;

Take note that whether you like it or not, you need your teeth to survive. Oh well, technically, you may still survive without teeth. There are ways to get nourished other than chewing food. Yet, what a miserable experience it would be.

But do we need to jazz u-p our teeth to the latest tooth trends? Well, that depends. If you feel like it’s going to float your boat like no other, then go on ahead. Then again, you might not feel comfortable in your skin if you do. Still, here are the latest fashion statements when it comes to your white enamels.

Vampire Teeth

First on the list is a vampire’s teeth. Scary, right? Vampire stories never grow old. From Tom Cruise-starred Interview with the Vampire to a string of vampire flicks on Netflix such as The Babysitter, Count Dracula’s army has continuously fascinated us. To such an extent, many fans have given in to their dreams of becoming one by modifying their very own teeth to fit the mold.

To that end, cosmetic dentists have made these wishes come true, sharpening canines using crowns or veneers. One caveat, though: Sometimes things can get crowded in your mouth.


Then, there’s grillz. Becoming a household word via the rapper Nelly who had a hit song “Grillz” in 2005, grillz are cosmetic dental apparatuses that feature various shiny objects from silver to gold. Needless to say, Nelly’s teeth were laced with all sorts of mouth jewelry in his video.

Of course, custom orthodontics appliances are the big brother of grillz. Unlike grillz, which are solely for aesthetic purposes, these appliances are real-life solutions to teeth problems. For one, they’re designed by pediatric dentists to fix teeth alignment and other teeth abnormalities such as gaps that need closing. In short, they serve a function, so you get better teeth.

On the other hand, grillz are a fashion statement worn by such rockers as Korn and Marilyn Manson, to name a few. As a result, many dentists have to contend with clients requesting these teeth enhancements.

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The London Gap

Another trend that could raise your eyebrows is the London Gap. And yes, you guess it right, British celebrities made this a household word.

According to its proponents, the London Gap gives you that “cute” look. Plus, it’s believed to provide you with a boost of confidence. So what exactly is it all about? Simply put, this pertains to a more pronounced space between your two front teeth. In a sense, it’s a rebellious move reminiscent of James Dean’s attitude flaunted in the movies.

Now, this sure presents a timely haute couture for someone with gaps in their central teeth. But this can put you in a somewhat odd spot if you’re to pursue this if you don’t have a natural London Gap.

Why? Dentists who were approached detail that putting a gap by force between your two front teeth will cause overcrowding. Think of a domino effect. If you push one domino, the pressure will push the others. So if you push your teeth to create a gap, you will have to push the teeth nearby, creating a space-challenged situation.

Yaeba: The Japanese Snaggletooth

Another fashion statement that is catching on is the Yaeba tooth or a type of snaggletooth. However, this is more of a Japanese obsession rather than an American one. It’s true. Year in year out, Americans pursue those pearly white teeth as a much-coveted possession. In the process, they spend quite a fortune to get that goal.

And yet, Japanese women put their money on transforming their otherwise-aligned teeth into a more cooked fashion to produce snaggletoothed smiles. They believe that imperfect teeth make them more attractive to men. The Japanese term for such teeth is Yaeba or “double tooth.”


If you think tattoos are just for the skin, think again. Tattoos on teeth have become a fashion statement. However, note that these designs may only apply to a crown; the enamel in teeth makes carving impossible.

It will take a dental lab to put these stickers onto your teeth crowns. And it can be temporary, so you can do away with it when you want to look like any regular guy. Then again, a tooth tattoo can be just the instrument if you’re going to stand out in a crowd. All you have to do is smile.

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