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Dental procedure

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Many of us are often prone to feelings of self consciousness or embarrassment that span from a certain aspect of the way we look, and how it is reflected in the way that others see us. This is perfectly natural, and – in today’s image driven society – is something which people are experiencing more and more frequently. Whilst everybody possesses beauty of some degree, the way that we are perceived by others can play a massive impact in our sense of self confidence and our self esteem. Our smiles are one of the most important and crucial factors in our appearance, and play a vital role in defining how the outward world will see you. Having teeth which have large spaces between them where teeth have been lost, but not replaced, can have a seriously detrimental impact on the way that we are perceived within the eyes of those around us. As such, an increasing number of people from all age and social demographics are opting for dental implants in Windsor as a way of taking back control over their appearance and, in turn, their self esteem and outward confidence.

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Who could benefit from dental implants treatment?

Whether you have lost a tooth recently, and are looking to have the missing space filled in a permanent fashion, or have had an untreated missing tooth for a great deal of time – anyone who is missing a tooth can benefit from dental implant treatment. Unlike other, more conventional forms of treatment for a lost tooth – such as dental bridges or crowns – dental implants address the issue beyond the superficial, and fill in a gap within a patient’s mouth in such a way that further treatment is rarely required. Most people who have crowns or bridges usually find the treatment to be uncomfortable, and – as time progresses – they typically have to make one or more return visits to their dental practitioner. Dental implants however, solve the issue of missing teeth on a structural basis. Whilst dental crowns and bridges merely sit on the gumline of the patient, dental implants are surgically embedded within their bone tissue. As a result, the implant and the jawbone of the patient merge together, which results in the implant being permanently and forever embedded within their bone structure and as such dental implants rarely require further treatment.

What does treatment for dental implants involve?

Dental procedure

Usually, those who feel that they may be eligible for dental implant treatment must first undergo an initial consultation with a dental implant dentist, who will assess the patient’s current dental and gum health to establish whether or not they will qualify for treatment. Providing that the patient’s gums are healthy enough, and no signs of onset gingivitis or periodontal disease are evident, then most patients who are missing a tooth will qualify for treatment. Treatment initially begins with the surgeon drilling a small hole into the patient’s gum tissue between where they are missing one or more teeth. Into this hole, a titanium-alloy socket is embedded. This titanium-alloy socket acts as a false tooth-root, which – given time – will fuse itself within the existing bone tissue of the patient’s jaw. After this fusion has taken place, the false tooth-root then acts as a permanently fixed anchorpoint into which a replica tooth is fixed. This replica tooth will both look and feel exactly as a natural tooth would, and lets the patient enjoy all the benefits of having a full set of healthy looking teeth.

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