DIY Gutter Installation Is a Terrible Idea. Here’s Why

gutter installation

Gutters are critical to keeping your house in top condition. They protect the roof from leakage and water damage and your landscape from erosion. They also act as a shield for your roof, reducing the impact of outdoor elements.

Some homeowners, however, underestimate the importance of gutters. As such, they choose to turn their gutter installation into DIY projects to try and save money. But gutter installation requires technical expertise, and doing it yourself can only cost you more money in the long run. Plus, you’re exposing yourself to safety hazards by personally installing your gutters.

Below are more reasons you shouldn’t DIY your gutter installation.

Safety issues

Gutter installation involves many trips up and down ladders, crawling on roofs, and hauling heavy objects. That is why it’s best to leave such tasks to experts, even gutter cleaning and maintenance services.

Professionals are highly trained and are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment, allowing them to do the job safely. Also, most gutter specialists are insured against injuries and liabilities. If they get harmed while on the job, you won’t be held responsible for the accident.

Improper installation

contractor installing gutterGutters look like they’re easy to install. After all, you just buy off-the-shelf gutters and attach them to your roof, right? But it’s more than that. The proper gutter installation has several technical aspects, all of which require professional knowledge and practice. There are a lot of factors to consider, including the size, pitching, and gutter hanger spacing, among others.

Different types of gutters are designed for different kinds of homes, which makes the installation process a bit more complicated than mere buying and attaching. Even if you choose the right type of gutter for your house, store-bought gutters are made to fit most roofs. That means they’re not custom-designed for your home’s needs and measurements. An incorrect fit creates seams between the gutter and the roof eaves, which can affect the efficiency of the drainage system.

Proper pitching is also a crucial factor in gutter installation. If the pitch is wrong, the water in the gutter can overflow, which compromises the integrity of your foundation. Improper pitching can also make your house look lopsided, decreasing your curb appeal.

More expensive

An incorrectly installed gutter requires a do-over, which means additional expenses. You end up spending double the cost of hiring a professional gutter installation.

Plus, some types of homes require extra parts to attach the gutter. Experts are likely to have such components on hand and will include it in the estimate. If you go the DIY route, you’ll have to pay for the extra part separately.

No warranty

One of the biggest perks of getting a professional gutter installation service is the warranty. Many companies offer free repair and maintenance work for several years following the installation, saving you a large amount of money in the long run. Even if the service providers make a mistake with the installation process, you can call them again to fix the problem for free.

Ultimately, having your gutters installed by professionals will give you a higher return on investment than doing it yourself. The former option guarantees your money, safety, and the quality of the outcome, giving you a fully functioning gutter system that protects your roof and house from water damage.

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