Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself And Learn To Live A Little

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We are strong advocates of working hard and putting in the effort to overcome the many challenges faced today because there’s no use just sitting on the couch and letting circumstances get the better of us when we have to capacity to change and be flexible. And while the world may seem clouded in doom and gloom, there’s no denying that cranking out the elbow grease here and there will help keep you stable and safe no matter what’s to come.

However, one very toxic and unsustainable behavior has reared its ugly head as a byproduct of independence and resilience, and it’s people being too hard on themselves and choosing not to bend a little just to reward all the progress they’ve made so far. Sure, we understand that people’s situations are a lot more nuanced than what many perceive, but rewarding and recognizing your hard work is just as important as putting in the effort in the first place.

We All Deserve Some Positive Reinforcement

Toughening up and gritting our teeth during hard times is a given, and no one’s going to judge you for putting yourself and your loved ones first. But we shouldn’t forget that getting anything done depends on our ability to remain in peak condition, meaning that we should try to be kinder to ourselves because mistakes will happen down the line. You see, even the smallest of cheat days and that one single cookie you get after a hard day’s work is more impactful than it seems at face value because it serves as positive reinforcement.

  • Encourages Your Mind And Body To Stay Consistent: All the work you put in from morning to night until the weekend puts a lot of strain on your mind and body, and while some have a greater tolerance for stress, it dulls the senses, and it’s extremely difficult to stay consistent. To combat this effect, rewarding yourself acts as your trampoline to bounce back from whatever rut your mind falls victim to, encouraging you to keep at it and reinvigorate your drive.
  • Provides A Much-Needed Grace Period To Recover: If we take this from a workout’s perspective, then you’ll never find any active gym-goer training high-intensity without taking breaks on intervals; it’s not possible, and the body isn’t built that way. So, rewarding yourself also serves the purpose of a much-needed grace period, giving you the time to recover and recuperate all that energy to keep pushing.
  • Life Shouldn’t Be All About Stress And Challenges: On the more holistic side of things, let’s remember that life is meant to be full of engaging experiences, which means putting yourself at the frontlines with stress every single day is just not living at all. Sure, those times you spent working your butt off are certainly unforgettable, but the moments you spend in fleeting bliss to relax are also just as memorable and ten times more important.

happy woman

Of Course, You Don’t Have To Go Overboard With Cheat Days.

With all those reasons mentioned above that support rewarding yourself, we still strongly recommend that you hold yourself accountable and avoid going overboard with the cheat days. The reward you get should feel worthwhile and relax you, but it should never come at the cost of undoing a lot of the progress you’ve made and the hard work you’ve put in these past few months.

  • Catch Up On Your Favorite Choice Of Entertainment: Everyone’s got their choice of entertainment, and despite our insatiable need to have fun every night, work and other responsibilities always take priority. However, if there’s one surefire way to reward yourself, then don’t hesitate to take the weekend off to catch up on your favorite Netflix series or pick up that book from where you last left off.
  • Whip Yourself Up A Delicious Candle-Lit Dinner: There’s no better reward than food, and if you’ve been too busy to cook any real meals these past few weeks, then set a reservation to whip yourself up a fancy candle-lit dinner next weekend. Nothing’s more satisfying than taking that first bite of a certified delicious dish, and it’s all the more scrumptious if you know that it was made by none other than yourself.
  • Set Aside A “Splurging” Budget For Next Weekend: We all have that burning desire to add more onto our online shopping carts, but financial awareness always tells us to be smart with our savings. However, it doesn’t hurt to spend a little to give back for all the hard work you’ve been giving out nonstop, so set aside a sufficient “splurging” budget for some brand new clothes or maybe even luxury rings for women.

Don’t Wait For The World To Give You A Pat On The Back!

There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow of time, but let’s also understand that the world won’t be doing you any favors or giving you that pat on the back. So, don’t wait for something to happen; reward yourself because you know you deserve it!

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