Features Of Good Dental Websites And How They Help Attract New Patients

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A good dental website serves many purposes. It advertises your dental practice to a wider audience, but it also serves an important function in promoting better oral health and educating the public with respect to the importance of good oral hygiene. An effective dental marketing system will increase the number of visitors to your dental website, helping to boost the number of patients who visit you in person and also helping to spread advice on looking after teeth.

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To create a fantastic dental website which will help you stand out from the crowd it is important to speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team who has plenty of experience in creating dental websites that are bespoke, modern, educational and functional. Information technology is changing all the time and it is difficult to keep up with current trends unless this is an area that you specialise in. By delegating the creation and maintenance of your website to a dental marketing team, you can rest assured that you are making the most out of what is a powerful tool in the success of your business, especially in this era of digital technology.

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An eye-catching homepage

Dental websites provide the same services so it is important that you have an eye-catching homepage to begin with. This should include the profile of your dental practice and your unique selling points which help you stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the reader, to make sure that they stay on your page for at least 5 seconds and to encourage them to explore the rest of the website further. Research has shown that unless you can retain the attention of the reader for at least 5 seconds, then it is most likely that they will leave your page and look elsewhere. It is also important for search engine optimisation that a visitor stays on your page and explores the rest of your website, because the longer a visitor remains on your website the better this is for your SEO.

An interesting and informative website

The website itself should be made up of interesting and relevant information with regard to the treatments and procedures that you carry out at your dental practice. This information should be presented alongside smiling pictures of you and your team, as well as photographs and videos of your dental practice, to help patients familiarise themselves with you and the practice itself. Videos of yourself and your team either introducing yourselves, addressing patients, or even explaining some of the treatments or procedures that you carry out at the practice are beneficial and will help visitors remain on your page for longer and also encourage them to consider your services further. Plenty of ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of successful treatments at your dental practice, alongside reviews from existing patients and previous patients, also help build confidence within your potential patients and encourage them to consider such treatments and procedures for themselves. Speak to a dental marketing team today and put an effective dental website in place for your practice, to help boost the success of your business.

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