Finding a dentist Meath in Navan – a short guide


Based to the north of Dublin, county Meath is known for its archaeological sites and royal heritage. A decent sized town with amenities including cinemas, sports clubs and schools, Navan is an hour away from Dublin and is home to a shopping centre, meaning the residents have the perfect balance of a peaceful and beautiful environment alongside an active social setting.

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If you are based in Navan, you will also be happy to know that there are a number of reputable dentists to visit if it has been a while since you have visited one.

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Why is it important to visit a dentist?

The role of a dentist is to not only promote oral health and a good oral health regime, but to also diagnose and prevent diseases which can occur within an individual’s mouth and their teeth if they are not taken care of. An experienced dentist is also able to create treatment plans which do not only maintain the oral health of their patients, but also restore teeth back to their best. Alongside this, dentists are also able to carry out surgical procedures not only on the teeth, but on the soft tissues of the oral cavity and bone. Dentists are professionals and are highly experienced to carry out treatments within various aspects of dentistry, and their role is critical in ensuring their patients constantly receive high quality, safe and effective care for their oral health.

Along with caring for an individual’s teeth and gums, a dentist Meath can also provide care and treatment for their patients’ jaws, muscles of the head and even salivary glands. So, if a patient is dealing with any issues to do with the jaw, neck or even the nervous system on the neck and head, they can feel confident in visiting a local dentist in order to deal with any issues they may have.

Visiting a dentist regularly is important for individuals and should not only occur when you experience an issue with your teeth and/or gums.

A regular check-up with the dentist allows them to examine your teeth, mouth and gums and also allows them to ask you about your general health and whether you have been experiencing any recent issues with your mouth, teeth and gums. If all is well, you will be asked to book another appointment for another check-up at a suitable date.

If, however, you have experienced some dental issues, the dentist will be able to provide advice and if you require dental treatment, your dentist will be able to schedule an additional appointment. So, for example, if you have expressed to your dentist that you are experiencing pain when you are eating or some sensitivity, it may be that you have a cavity and require a filling. If the dentist has noticed that you have plaque build-up, it may be recommended that you have a scale and polish to remove the plaque. Plaque build-up can be particularly problematic if not removed as it can harden into tartar (also known as calculus) which can also lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

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