Fun Home Additions to Keep You Entertained during a Lockdown

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Unless you’re an essential worker, chances are, the pandemic has forced you to stay at home. Which actually makes you luckier, to be honest. Because staying at home is a privilege, it’s the best way not to contract the virus. But by now, you’re probably starting to get bored being at home all the time. Things are just so repetitive and boring during the lockdown. If you need a change of scenery, a home addition would be a good idea.

Here are some fun home additions to consider that’ll definitely keep boredom at bay. The great thing about most of these home additions is that they aren’t all technically additions. If you have a basement that isn’t being put into good use. You can turn your basement into these “additions” with the help of a remodeling contractor.

  1. Movie Theater

Having your very own designated home theater is a dream for plenty of homeowners. It’s a great addition to have at your home if you love to have movie marathons or binge-watch series with your family. It’s a pretty good investment, too, seeing how it can actually increase the value of your home. Most home theaters will need at least two rows of seating and at least 12 by 12 feet of room space. The average basement is usually more than enough space for a theater room.

  1. Game Room

If you’d rather have a room where you can play games, why not transform your basement into a game room? You don’t have to limit yourself to video games because you could always play your video games in a home theater setup. When we say game room, imagine shelves of board games, a billiards table, maybe even some arcade games, together with your video games. If your basement is big enough to fit both a game room and a movie theater, why not? It’ll be more fun and convenient that way.

  1. Gym or Court

Worried about keeping yourself and your family in shape? That’s a good thing. It’s important to take care of our health, especially at a time like this. If you’re into fitness but aren’t too confident about going back to the gym. Or maybe you’re just starting to get into it but find going to a public gym overwhelming. You can always turn your basement into one or (if you’d rather play ball sports) build yourself a court.

  1. Library

If you’re the quiet type that enjoys reading and writing over video games, try converting your basement into a library or office. Having a separate room where you can have quiet time all by yourself and be productive is important nowadays. Most people who have been forced to work at home (or study at home) have difficulty separating their work lives from home. Having a designated area where you can work or study, such as a library, can really help with this issue.

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  1. Greenhouse

Maybe you feel more at peace when plants surround you? If so, build a greenhouse. Obviously, this can’t be done in the basement, unless you’d prefer to use grow lights. But the sun is the best grow light there is (and it’s free too). It’s actually not surprising how people have turned to plants for comfort during these times. Experts say that being surrounded by plants is actually very beneficial to our mental health. Particularly when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety. So, having a greenhouse is an excellent idea.

  1. Workshop

Your basement can also be turned into a workshop. That’s what most artsy and crafty people do when they have a basement. Whether it’s painting, drawing, woodwork, or pottery, you can turn your basement into any workshop, really.

  1. Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi Spa

If you live in a hot and dry area and have been dying to go for a swim, build yourself a swimming pool, or get a Jacuzzi. This is not a great investment if you live in an area that has freezing weather. Most real estate agents advise against getting a pool or Jacuzzi because it can actually decrease your homes’ value. But then again, it really depends on where you live. It’ll only decrease your home value if you live in a place that is almost always cold.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to finally build that home addition you wanted, this is it. Remember, staying home is still the safest and the surest way not to be infected by the virus. So, stay home and have fun with these home additions instead!

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