Handling Pet Problems With No Worries

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Owning a pet is a major responsibility. Since your pet is a living being, you’ll need to take special care of them. But they also cause their problems like not being housebroken or causing damage to the furniture. They can even be health hazards. Here are some common problems associated with pets and how you should handle them.

Damage From Claws And Teeth

The most notable problem that you will have with pets is that they can be rather destructive. Most of the favored home pets, like cats and dogs, have very sharp claws. This can mean damage to various surfaces in your home. It can be really bad on the cloth and upholstery of various furniture. They might even shred your curtains. Harder surfaces are not immune to it either. Hardwood flooring and even tiles can end up with scratches if you are not careful.

That is just the claws. Your pets will also have their teeth. While cats and dogs have a nasty bite, it is pets like bunnies and hamsters you should look out for. They can chew a whole variety of items, even electrical cords if you are not careful.

You can prevent all of this with some care and training. For example, you can scratch-proof several surfaces in your rooms. You should also move the thing out of their reach. More importantly, you’ll need to train them. Some schools can curb chewing habits while you can spray bitter-tasting clove oil on chewable surfaces to discourage it from happening.

Lacking Self Control

Pets can urinate and defecate all over the place. This can be a really bad habit that they develop and you do not want them doing this inside the house. Even in your yard, indiscriminate actions like that can cause problems. This is mainly from the mess that they can make. Your household items needing regular cleaning is not a good thing for your budget, too.

The most effective way of handling this is to housebreak them. This usually involves teaching them a routine and a few new habits. For example, you will want your pets to start using the litter box when they make a mess. This is going to be a slow process since pets can be very stubborn. Additionally, having a routine where you take them outside to do their business is an important habit. You can also control their habits by feeding them at specific times. You know how long they will need to digest things so you know when to take them out.

Deal With Pet Hair


Pets shed a lot of furs. The biggest culprits are cats and dogs but other pets do this, too. Pet hair can be a problem because it is a major allergen. A lot of people get allergic to it and it can trigger asthma attacks. It doesn’t help that it can get into anything. While you can’t do anything about the shedding, you can take steps to reduce the effects. There are several things you need to do.

First, you can do some de-fuzzing of various items. This is very important when it comes to furniture and carpets. Simply wear some wet rubber gloves and run your hand over them. The fur should stick to the wet gloves.

Second, get a vacuum. This is for more stubborn fur. Look for a good one that has powerful suction. This ensures that you get all the fur. Do the vacuuming every week, especially when it is shedding season for your pets.

Finally, you should hire professional duct cleaning services. Fur gets everywhere and if it gets into your ducts, then you will have air quality problems A professional service should be able to clean out the ducts of fur regularly.

Handling Parasites

Another problem that comes from pets is fleas and ticks. No one wants a flea infestation in their home. Besides being disgusting, they are vectors for sickness. You don’t want to suffer from a flea or tick bite. To prevent infestations, you should regularly inspect your pet for their presence. You should also apply a natural insect repellent to protect them. Simple essential oils like lavender diluted with water can be effective for that. Just spray their fur twice a day,

Pets are great, whether they are small hamsters or big burly dogs. The love that they can give you is worth all the hassle that you have to put up with. With the right approach, you can be sure that your home is in good condition despite all the problems that pets bring with them.

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