Home Schooling: How to Stay Productive While Studying at Home

home schooling

During this unprecedented time, the world has had to make adjustments to keep a sense of normalcy. In the corporate world, several businesses took their operations online. Many office workers soon found themselves facing their computer screens at home rather than in their typical workplace. Schools have started doing the same in an effort to keep students safe and healthy. This shift, however, has created new challenges that can get in the way of productivity.

Tips for Attending School at Home

Health experts are claiming that this pandemic will continue on for the rest of the year. This means several schools, from international high schools to universities, are likely going to extend their digital setup. Here are some tips on how to make online classes work for you. By adopting some of these solutions, you can improve your concentration and enhance your productivity.

Create a space solely for schoolwork

Now that you are spending the majority of your time at home, it can be difficult to separate schoolwork from everything else. If you have a desk in your bedroom, consider using it solely for schoolwork. This helps put you in the right headspace to attend online classes and complete assignments.

  • Keep the desk and its surrounding area clear of clutter and items that aren’t part of your schoolwork.
  • Treat online classes much like face-to-face classes. Avoid putting your feet up on your desk or lying down in your bed even when you’re on a break.
  • If you’re sharing a table with your other siblings or your parents, make sure to respect each other’s space.

Share your class schedule with your family


Online classes can be challenging when your environment is full of distractions. Share your schedule with your family, so they know not to disturb you. This applies to everything, from keeping noise levels down to prevent your parents from giving you chores during the school day.

  • Keep your phone on your bedside table or turn it off during class to prevent any distractions.
  • Remind your family members that you can’t be disturbed during certain times in the day unless it’s for an emergency.
  • If you’re studying outside of your room, consider using headphones to tune out unwanted noise.

Give yourself a much-needed break

It can be difficult to stay focused, especially during a pandemic. Breaks are often included in online class schedules to keep students from burning out. Make the most out of these even if they’re just for a couple of minutes.

  • Reward yourself at the end of the week or after difficult days. This gives you something to look forward to and serves to motivate you to finish your schoolwork on time.
  • Set realistic goals for your study plan. Give yourself enough time at the end of the day to finish assignments without taking time away from yourself or your family.
  • Ask for a sick day if you don’t think you can attend class. Talk to your parents and explain the situation, so they can inform your school.

In these trying times, everyone is doing their best to cope and adjust. Taking these tips into consideration can make homeschooling a bit easier for you and your academic career.

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