Home Security: Inexpensive Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home


There’s no need for you to spend a fortune on high tech security equipment to keep burglars at bay. There are plenty of affordable ways to protect your home from thieves and criminals. Here are the most effective low-cost and even no-cost home security measures you can implement to keep you and your family safe.

Automatic garage door opener

An automatic garage door opener can help keep your home, family, and possessions safe, Make sure that yours has a feature like rolling codes which changes each time your remote button is pressed. This ensures that only you can get access to your garage. You could also have a vacation mode installed which disables all remote controls and only allows your door to be opened from the inside. All these features can be added in by a trustworthy company that services garage door openers in Salt Lake City.

Window Shades

Make sure that burglars and criminals can’t see inside your home by installing window and door shades. This allows for your home to always look occupied even when you’re not there in case any opportunistic thieves want to take advantage of you not being at home. There are some treatments that allow some light to filter in so that your interiors benefit from natural daylight in the daytime, while your house can look occupied by night.

Motion Sensor Lighting


You can easily turn any light into motion sensor lights by simply screwing on a motion detection adapter or switching to motion-sensing light bulbs. These systems will alert you to anyone who is on your property and can keep would-be intruders away. Indoor motion sensor lighting can also make it harder for them to move around without being detected in the event that they do get inside.

Keep valuables hidden

Keep your expensive items out of sight so they don’t bait potential burglars. Store your tools, bikes, and other items in a safe in the garage when you don’t need to use them. Additionally, use window treatments like blinds or curtains to obscure the interiors of your house. Put away high-value items like electronics, jewelry, important documents, and cash and keep them in a household safe.

Hide your extra key in a safe place

Avoid hiding your extra key in a predictable place like in a flowerpot or under your mat. There are better options for keeping it hidden like a combination lock-box which you can install in a concealed location. You might even want to give an extra key to a trustworthy neighbor or to keep changing your hiding place for extra security.

Reinforce locks, hardware, doors, and windows

Ensure that an intruder can’t get into your home by reinforcing your doors, windows, hardware, and locks. Your exterior doors should be strong and durable, and you can add additional support by using a door barricade or security bar. Your door hardware should be properly installed and in good condition. Lastly, your windows should have locks or bars on them that can only be accessed from the inside.

Keeping your home and your family safe doesn’t need to cost a fortune. These practical and inexpensive security tips will ensure that no would-be intruder can get into your home.

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