How to Keep Yourself Safe during a DIY Home Project

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Here’s a not-so-fun fact: over 200,000 DIY-ers are injured each year while working on their projects. If you plan on doing some DIY projects at home, small or big, it’s always important to keep your family, yourself, and your workers (if any) safe. You want to make sure that you’ve got the right equipment and gear to keep you all from harm’s way. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to stay safe during a DIY project at home. From protective gear and equipment to security suggestions. This will prepare you for every home DIY project that comes your way:

The essentials

In any DIY home project, there are a couple of safety essentials. These are the personal protective equipment or PPEs that you absolutely need to keep yourself safe:

1. Mask

When you’re working on a home project that deals with paints, sprays, or any other possible air pollutants, wearing a mask will protect you, home projects, especially those that include mold removal or herbicides, will require you to wear masks. You do not want to inhale any chemicals that irritate your respiratory system. Protecting yourself from something as simple as dust is important as well, especially if you have asthma. There are plenty of masks out there. If you’re dealing with many spray paint or chemicals, you will need a gas mask. If you aren’t handling too many harsh chemicals, an N95 mask will do the trick.

2. Gloves

Never under-estimate the importance of gloves. If you’re handling equipment or tools that are sharp or pierce the skin, you need to wear gloves. Nothing is more annoying and painful than getting wood splinters in your fingers. If you are handling any wooden furniture or planks, make sure to protect yourself with gloves. Some gloves can even help you handle equipment, such as gloves with gripping material on the underhand. This allows you to carry or grasp objects with more ease.

3. Goggles

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. You wouldn’t want to risk anything getting into your eyes and damaging it. Wearing safety goggles will keep all kinds of debris and dust from getting into your eyes. If you’re using tools that cut wood or metal, goggles are a must. Some gas masks come with goggles, but if you don’t plan on buying a gas mask, there are plenty of inexpensive safety goggles on the market.

4. Construction helmet

Don’t forget to protect the most important body part of them all: your head. Did you know that one of the most common accidents during a DIY project is falling off a ladder? Falling off a ladder can turn accidents into fatalities if your head gets damaged. If you are doing any projects that involve ladders, going to the roof, and especially possible falling debris, you need to get yourself a construction helmet. Just because it’s called a construction helmet doesn’t mean only construction workers get to use them. DIY-ers should use them too!

5. Protective clothing

Of course, you have to protect the rest of your body too! If you aren’t dealing with super harsh chemicals or don’t mind getting your clothes dirty, you can always wear clothes that cover your skin. If you are handling chemicals, you can always buy disposable overalls that are pretty inexpensive as well.

COVID – 19 safety

If you’re working on bigger home projects and need to get help from outside workers, you’ll have to follow a couple of protocols to avoid catching the virus. The most important thing to do is to check the CDC guidelines and follow them to heart. The most basic thing you need to know is wear your mask, practice social distancing (stay 1 meter apart), wash your hands (for at least 20 seconds), and disinfect equipment and working stations regularly. If you can afford to stay someplace else, why not? Unless you really have to help with the project, then stick to the CDC guidelines.

Increase home security

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When working on bigger home projects, say adding another room or a second floor, this can become a security problem. You will have a part of your home that is completely open, and you wouldn’t want anyone you don’t trust getting into your house. Invest in installing a couple of security cameras, alarms, and even motion detectors to ensure your family’s safety while working on the project.

If you’ve got a safe, make sure to store any important valuables such as jewelry, extra cash, and important documents in your safe. If your drawers have locks, make sure to lock them before going to bed or leaving the house. Replace old locks if you need to. Installing outdoor lighting systems are also a good idea.

Now that you’ve got everything you need to keep your family and self safe, you can finally move on to your next project! Have fun, and remember to stay safe!

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