7 Practical Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Space

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It’s summer once again and it’s the perfect time to switch things up a bit in your backyard. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your outdoor space, consider using well-designed storage buildings to fill the space in your backyard.

The small structures continue to be a popular choice for DIY home builders for a number of reasons: durability, ease of assembly, and practicality.

While these buildings are typically used as storage, there are many other practical uses for them, especially for sprucing up your backyard space. Here are some ideas you might haven’t considered yet.

Movie Room

You can get a storage building with enough square footage to accommodate a home theater setup. Considering the fact that we pretty much do everything at home nowadays, there’s no reason we can’t do movie house nights in our very own movie room.

A movie room that isn’t located inside your home, but right out in your backyard, has many practical uses. For starters, you have a place to sit and enjoy the movies away from distractions inside your home.

For the work from home parents, it also makes movie dates more accessible, because you don’t even need to leave the house. You don’t even have to worry about finding a sitter for the kids, either; you can take them with you to your very own private cinema, instead. Just make sure you’ve got enough snacks for everyone before you hie to the movies.

A Multi-Purpose Workspace

Having a separate workspace is necessary for anyone who does their work from home. However, not all homes are built with enough space or have an extra room that can be used exclusively for work. If this sounds like your case, why not make use of your backyard space and use a storage building as your private workspace.

If you need more room but have a limited floor area for building in your backyard, you can take advantage of the available vertical space and build upwards. Many storage builders allow their clients to customize the building to fit their space.

An Annex Bedroom

An annex guest room located in your backyard is more useful than you might think.

For parents with kids, the annex room can serve as a guest room for sleepovers. For those with families who visit often, having more than one guest room means they can accommodate more visitors who plan to stay the night.

Having an extra room lets you accommodate guests anytime and provides them a comfortable place to sleep whenever they come to visit. It’s like having your very own boutique hotel right in your very own backyard.

You can even turn it into an even a multi-level adjunct building if you have enough vertical room to use.

A Playhouse

For families with small children, the building can be used as a playhouse and toy storage at the same time. Having a designated room for play and storing toys means less clutter inside the house, too. A backyard playhouse is very practical and functional as it serves as a shaded space for indoor play, while at the same time the kids can easily step out of their playhouse and enjoy some outdoor time.

It lets them enjoy the outdoors no matter what the season is and is also a perfect venue for glamping nights, too.

Kitchen and Herb Station

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For home cooks, having access to their very own herb and kitchen garden spells convenience.  If you yourself love spending in time in the kitchen, creating masterpiece dishes, you’ll highly benefit from having your own outdoor kitchen and herb nursery in one. Not only does it serve as a space for creative work; it also serves as a space to entertain guests while serving them your deliciously cooked meals.

Making healthy home-cooked meals becomes even more exciting when you know you’re using fresh ingredients straight from your garden. It also makes it easier for you to eat fresh and healthy since you have access to healthy ingredients anytime.

A Pool House

It’s possible to transform a storage building into a porch-style pool house. You can turn the structure into a backyard escape that serves as a pool house and shaded lounge in one.

You can use the space anytime you need some peace and quiet or when you need a place to work, away from the distractions inside your house. It’s fairly to make the space very comfortable; all you need is good furniture and a good lighting scheme to create the look and ambiance that you’re going for.

A Sports Equipment Shed and Game Room

For those who love sports, having proper storage for gear and equipment is very important. Proper storage makes it easy to store and organize equipment and gear. It’s much easier to locate and prepare things when everything is stored properly.

When your equipment and gear are stored properly, they are protected from dust and from being exposed to outdoor elements that can tarnish them or weaken the material.   It’s important to store your equipment in a shaded, enclosed unit to keep them clean and extend their life.

To make full use of the room, you can set up a game area where you can enjoy some good old indoor games with family and friends. Add a small bar in the corner, and you’ve got your very own sports bar, exclusive to family and friends only.

As you can see, building sheds aren’t just mainly for storing your belongings. They can be turned into creative and workspaces, and lets you enjoy more room in your home. Make a wise decision today and take advantage of the summer. Build that extra room and put your yard space to good use.

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