Keeping Your Children Safe and Healthy During the Cold Season

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Winter season is the perfect time of the year to play in the snow and have some fun with your kids. But at the same time, the cold temperature can also hurt and irritate them.

As parents, you need to know what’s best for your children and how to keep them safe from the harsh effect of winter. So to help keep your children protected, here are a few health pointers to keep them secure during the cold winter months.

Know what to wear

When your kids are going outside, you must dress them in layers. Doing so will keep them warm and dry, especially when they’re out for some time. One suggestion that you can do is to dress your kid one more layer of clothing than what you would wear in the same condition. You can consider wrapping them with a cashmere blanket when they’re outside or add an extra layer of clothes to keep them warm. Also, make sure to check the windchill before letting your child out to play. Parents Magazine says that if it’s 10 degrees F or lower, it’s best to keep them indoors.

Boost their immunity


Aside from keeping them warm, it’s also best to strengthen their immunity to prevent them from getting sick. One way to do it is by getting a yearly flu shot. Remember that exposure to viruses could cause colds and flu cases, which are very rampant during winter. That’s why Very Well Family advises parents to give their child a yearly flu shot for added protection.

Meanwhile, if you have a newborn child or an infant with you, it’s best not to let them around many people until they are older. It’ll minimize their exposure or even avoid infections entirely. It’s highly advisable for children whose ages are between six and 23 months to receive an influence vaccine. Doing so will reduce the chance of acquiring the flu.

Let them stay active

Although it’s often too cold to do any outdoor sports, you can always encourage your kids to stay physically active during winter. One way to do it is by coming up with activities that they can do inside. They can consider playing indoor¬†basketball, volleyball, or even flag football. Unless you’re in a place where you can go snowboarding or ice hockey, indoor sports is a great way to get them active even during winter.

Check for radon

Excessive exposure to radon can cause non-smokers to develop cancer. That’s why children are susceptible during winter because they spend so much time indoors. Winter is the best time to perform a radon test inside your home. Although it’s something that won’t affect them immediately, doing a radon test will ensure their health in the future.

These are only a few things you can do to ensure your kid’s health during winter. Aside from dressing them in layers, ensuring that their body is in excellent health will ensure that they’ll stay fit and safe throughout the season. So enjoy the moment you’re getting with your kids and spend quality time with them.

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