Kitchen Trends for 2020 to Consider for Your Home

Kitchen interior

The kitchen is one of the biggest staples of the home. Even as sentiments shift and society changes, it is a core part of what makes a space a home. Whether you’re a foodie who loves to cook, an influencer who wants an area to show off, or a busy parent who starts mornings cooking kids’ meals for the day, the kitchen is a space that is filled with memories. It’s no wonder designers keep making new ways to make it feel even more pleasant to spend time in and look at as you go about your day.

Here are some trends you should check out if you’re revamping your cooking area:

  • Designed cabinets

Cabinets can frame your kitchen well, and they serve a major functional purpose as you store a variety of goods, wares, and appliances that you need for your activities. In Salt Lake City, kitchen cabinets are becoming the showpieces in kitchen design, especially in terms of real estate.

Customization is a big cabinet design trend now. Whether you get yours built or get a special coating and paint finish, it’s about creating a theme that is attuned to your vision instead of blending in with the rest. You can opt for multiple finishes or coordinated minimalism.

Another alternative on the other end of the spectrum is open shelving, as people want open space and highlight what they have on display. This option would require more coordination and organization and may not be the best pick for those who tend to hoard a lot of items inside their cabinets.

kitchen pots and pans

  • Wood

Wood elements in kitchens are timeless and have seen different fads and iterations come and go. Yet, it remains a core part of the aesthetics. From the rise of the industrial aesthetics to the mainstream pickup of rustic chic and the classic New England look, there have been different ways that wood has not only been incorporated but also become a crucial part of the entire theme of the kitchen.

This 2020, designs still lean toward wood pieces as decorative parts of the kitchen, finishes for cabinets, flooring, and even panels for the refrigerator. Interior designers have noted that the lasting appeal of wood is how timeless it feels, being flexible to different elements and fitting in with different themes depending on where it’s used and the type of wood used. For those leaning into the minimalist and clean aesthetic of the year, splashes of it integrated into the whole area will work great whether you go for a light or dark wood.

  • Cultural cooking

Of course, what kitchen is complete without the element that unites us all? Food. Exploring different cuisines and cultures through cooking has always been around, but those who cook at home are expected to be even more adventurous this year.

With the popularity of international media on the western front, we can expect more Korean dishes and the like cropping up in recipes from your neighbor Carol or at a dinner party with your best friends from college.

As people try to combat cultural disconnects even more in the current climate, the language of food is likely to see this shift as trends go from the biggest and hippest restaurants into the kitchens of every home.

Have you tried incorporating these trends into your kitchen? Add a new zest into one of the heartiest places into your home now.

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