Giving Back: The Effect of Lending a Hand to Those in Need


There are so many wonderful organizations that you can help, donate to, or participate in to help grow and aid your community. Some people need to give back to society as an aspect of their personal wellness. Others achieve personal wellness to have the strength to participate in helping out.

Whether you choose to work in a community garden or lead a drive to raise money for a patient advocacy foundation, your effort matters. It is part of a larger whole that brings the community together. Your efforts are a step towards ensuring that everyone has access to food, shelter, and a better quality of life. Try out different things and find what you can do best to help your community and yourself be its best self.

Share Good News

Social media is how many people get their news and indulge in their hobbies. But it can also be a cause of social pressure and anxiety. Start sharing positive messages, re-sharing happy news, and send out cute pictures of pets. This kind of content lifts people’s spirits and helps distract them from the anxiety-inducing posts on social media.

It may feel like a small effort, but it can help make a big difference in someone’s life. This is also the easiest way to get started on your community service goals from within the comfort of your home.

Look Around

Look for the opportunities for volunteerism or donation that are already available within your community. Join a local youth group to mentor inner-city children. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen to cook and serve meals. If you see a gap in the existing opportunities and think you can help, why not start your own volunteer organization?

Start Food Drives

Holiday seasons see a lot of organizations starting food drives. The food they collect must be unopened, non-perishable, and canned or boxed. This food goes to local food banks, shelters, and soup kitchens to help the disadvantaged stay fed during the holiday season.

While you can still donate canned goods to these organizations, the holiday season is often the hardest time for people living in reduced circumstances. Thus, ensuring that you can donate a sizable amount of goods to help as many people as possible is a kindness that will go a long way.


Buy Local

Buying local produce and supporting local farmers is not just helpful for the community. It is also better for the environment. Shopping at the local farmers’ market or going into the country on the weekends to farm stands will allow you to directly help people while getting healthy foods for your family.

If you do not have a local farmers’ market, consider starting one on your own. This will open up opportunities for local farmers and allow your neighbors to have access to fresh produce they may have been going without. Farmer markets also tend to be more affordable than supermarkets and chain grocers, meaning that less privileged people will have access to affordable and healthier foods.

Have a Collection Jar

If you own a business or get permission from your supervisors, put a collection jar in an easily accessible place. People like making a small gesture that makes them feel good and helps others. You can easily collect a small amount of money every week to be donated to a local charity. It is best to be aware of the organization you are in to understand better whether this will work. A restaurant where servers depend on tips should not have a collection jar as this can take away from the actual people there who need the money.

A grocer or a pet store is a good choice as people will receive coins in change and would be less averse to donating on the spot. You can make an effort to donate fun by tying it into your company’s CSR efforts as well. Have a small carnival or a competition among your employees. The prize can be a cash donation from the company to the charity of the winner’s choice. This will motivate employees to participate while giving the business a good standing in the community.

There are many ways to help your community and contribute towards making the world a better place. Get permission from the local council and positively include them so that they are motivated to support your efforts rather than hinder them. You can volunteer your time at a local senior center or your professional services to orphanages to guide young adults. If you have a finance or business background, you can help a young person make good choices to protect them from predatory loans and other financial mistakes.

Whether you donate clothes to a women’s shelter or participate in a fundraising run, the good you will do has farther-reaching positive efforts than you will ever truly appreciate.

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