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Getting married, buying a house and having a baby are all momentous times in our lives. We make these big decisions ordinarily with a lot of planning and consideration to how it will affect our lives. When it comes to our healthcare, we should surely be putting the same thought into it – if not more – when you consider that these professionals can save our lives, reduce pain and help us to feel better about ourselves.

When it comes to our teeth, it could be a little more practical to do some research into who is treating us and what they have to offer. If we want to keep our teeth in good nick so that we can chomp on the foods we love, then investing some time and effort into finding the right dentist can make a lot of sense. For a dentist W1, here are some tips that are worth considering as you embark on your journey of discovery.

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If you’re considering a dental practice, don’t be afraid to pop in and check out the ambience. From the way you are greeted by the reception staff to the decor of the waiting room, all of these little things set the tone for how much care and attention will be given to you and your comfort. For instance, a grotty toilet outside is probably not saying much about the exacting standards you would hope a practice would have whereas a boutique-style washroom should advocate cleanliness and care. In the waiting area, have they considered everybody? Are there magazines for the adults and books for the children? Some practices furnish these areas with iPads and gaming consoles to keep children occupied while the whole family is waiting or being treated.


Whilst it shouldn’t be the only thing you consider, finding a conveniently located practice can’t be underestimated as part of the search. You may need it to be near local transport routes or have parking for your car. You may want it to be close to home or work so you can pop in during your lunch break. Researching the location is important but, also, don’t be afraid to travel to find the right practice for you. Finding great treatment could ultimately reduce the number of problems you have with your mouth and the number of times you need to attend checkups.

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If you are looking for a general dental practitioner or one that offers several different types of treatments, you can research their level of experience in these fields. Many practices now have websites that state the number of years they have been practising for and their level of qualifications. You may feel confident knowing that a dental practitioner is registered with the British Dental Association or that they have won a dental award in a specific field. Asking friends and family for recommendations can also help to boost your trust in a particular practitioner’s abilities.


Finding out what treatments are available is a major part of choosing a dental practice. You may only need general dentistry at the moment, but don’t rule out the possibility of needing restorative treatments or cosmetic dentistry in the future, for example. By choosing a practice where they have all treatments under one roof, including emergency care, you can feel reassured that you won’t have to go through the search again!

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