Michael Phelps and the Merits of a Swimming Pool for the Family

family by the pool

His life is bound to amaze you. Reading all his accomplishments can easily make your jaw drop. Yes, that’s how Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history will appeal to you.

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Today, he’s a 6-feet-4-inches tall 36-year old dad living in Baltimore Maryland. Behind him stands a seemingly impossible Olympic record winning more medals than 161 countries. He’s won a total of 23 gold medals, the most by any Olympian in any category. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics alone, he won eight gold medals breaking the record of legendary Mike Spitz who won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympics in swimming. Hands down, he’s the most successful athlete who competed in four Olympics.

As legendary as Michael Phelps is, his dedication to the sport is no secret. Many experts tend to downplay Phelps’s success as attributed mainly to genetics, but a deeper look will tell you taller swimmers never did better than him. What you’ll find instead is his dedication to training, swimming at least 50 miles in a week.

The good news is installing a swimming pool right in your backyard can be just the push your children need to excel. To note, Phelps started swimming at age 7, buoyed by his older sisters who took up the sport and prodded by his mother who wanted to contain his explosive energy. If you’re not so convinced, take a look at some greater benefits of putting a body of water right in the middle of your property.

Greater Health and Happiness

At a time when the virus is still raging high in America, installing a swimming pool right in your backyard can be a most timely decision. Think about it. Suicidal ideation, substance abuse, and all sorts of mental health issues have risen to the fore these days.

While going out has become more rampant now than before, the danger of the virus has not ceased. A quick look will tell you a more dangerous and more deadly version of the virus in the form of the delta variant could be roaming the streets of America as we speak.

Having a swimming pool means access to all sorts of stress-relieving activities right where you live. That can mean a timely break for you if you’re working from home. Not only do you have a good way to exercise by taking a dip in the pool but also you can relax and have fun after a hard day’s work.

Take note that swimming is considered the best exercise by many experts. Best of all, it’s low-impact boosting your mood while keeping you in tiptop shape. Yes,  you should see those abs in Michael Phelps’s body.

Greater Aesthetic Appeal to Your Property

Outside loft villa view at night

Be wary though. It’s not like you’re just going to dig a hole and put brick-and-mortar into the ground. A swimming pool is a major project and as such is not something that you can just DIY, not unless you’re a skilled craftsman who’s been building such projects before.

For one, a good way for you to go about this is to hire reliable concrete contractor services. An experienced pool contractor should get the job done without any issues whatsoever.

When done properly, a well-made swimming pool design can make a personal oasis out of your mundane backyard. You can even gear it up. Why not add a flowing waterfall or enhance the experience with a slide?

Think of how inviting your backyard will become. Not only will you be able to host birthdays and family events, but also you’re going to have a way to strengthen the family in spite of the virus.

Great Money Saver

When you have a swimming pool at home, you save time and money traveling. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a yearly retreat in the Caribbean, a staycation would be timely. You save on hotel bookings and plane tickets. Best of all, you save the family from the virus.

You provide your family with an endless source of free entertainment. Mind you, it can also be a training ground for your son or daughter to excel in sports.

Great for Injury Recovery

You may not realize it but pools provide a great way to recover in cases of injury. That should be spot on if your child has asthma. Swimming’s ability to strengthen the lungs is well-documented. What’s more, a swimming pool is best for someone with a disability. And if mom is pregnant, the pool provides a timely way to exercise gently.

That’s because a pool can help build muscle without having to put your body to a beating.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not selling your property, but it’s good to know when you add a pool to the interior, you’re actually boosting its value. Now, if you think a pool is bad, take a look at Michael Phelps. His success would not be possible without one at home.

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