Misaligned teeth?

misaligned teeth

There are many people who have an issue with their smile and one of the things that could be an issue is a misalignment. Having an issue with a smile can lead to problems with self-image but there has never been a better time for patients who are unhappy with their smile to consider dental treatment. Patients who think that their smile could be straighter could utilise the treatment that will be outlined in this article. This article will highlight why this treatment is recommended, how it works and what the next steps should be.

What is recommended?

If the above issue explained is something that a patient struggles with then they could consider incognito Weybridge. This treatment will allow patients to access a treatment that they need to correct any imperfections. This treatment is an innovative option that patients could consider to straighten the teeth in an effective manner. This treatment utilises invisible braces as a good alternative to more traditional braces. This treatment can be used by lots of different age groups. The braces are placed behind the teeth and get to work straight away. Potential patients should read on to the next section to see why they should consider this treatment.


Why this treatment?

Incognito Weybridge is a recommended treatment because it is discreet. This treatment can be used to fit around the lifestyle of patients, meaning that it is a treatment that works for lots of different patients. This treatment is convenient, meaning that patients have to do very little work to make their smile appear straighter. This treatment has also been reported to be comfortable by those who have had it in the past, making it a popular choice amongst those who are looking to straighten out their smile. This treatment option is practical as it does not have to be removed to drink or eat. Patients should read onto the next section to see how this treatment works.

How does Incognito work?

As mentioned, the braces are placed behind the teeth. These wires are custom made to fit each patient and will correct misaligned teeth in an effective and timely fashion. Through the use of state of the art advancements, patients can begin to develop the smile that they wished that they had. 3D technology is used to map out the patient’s mouth and make sure that the braces will fit perfectly. Patients are invited to work with their dental care provider to have a thorough evaluation of their smile to make sure this is the correct dental treatment for them and their smile. The next section will highlight what potential patients’ next step should be.

Are you ready for your new smile?

If a patient thinks that they could benefit from this treatment then they should consider getting in contact with their provider and browsing their possible options on their website. Patients will then be invited to an examination to determine their suitability for this treatment. Patients who are looking to have this treatment should consider making the first step today, then they can move closer to having the smile that they have always wished to have possessed.

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