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Incorporating the Benefits of Natural Light to Home Design

The invention of the electric light bulb over a century ago has radically changed how people around the world live. It has turned night into day, providing illumination to homes, workplaces, stores and restaurants, and streets. It keeps people safe, gives people the capacity to do work, and allows people to socialize and engage in

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dental implant surgery

How Do Dental Implants Work And What Does The Procedure Involve?

Thanks to advances in dental technology over the last few decades, there are many different solutions for replacing missing teeth. Tooth loss can occur as a result of many different reasons, and it is a natural part of old age. Poor oral hygiene is one of the major causes of tooth loss; however, sometimes, you

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Home Renovation Projects in the Pandemic: Kicking Your House up a Notch

According to Home Advisor, 2020 was considered the ‘year of the home’ amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the average household expenditure on home services soared from $9,081 in 2019 to $13,138 in 2020. As many households got stuck at home, they had ventured into home renovation. They had undertaken home improvement, maintenance, and even

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring for Families with Kids

Flooring in the houses with kids has lots of foot traffic. It should be able to deal with wear and tear, spills, dirt, and stains. Kids can be quite messy. Hence, you need to choose the flooring that can get through with it. Flooring that cannot deal with these factors can make kids uncomfortable and

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appointment with dentist

Looking For A Dentist? Find One You Never Want To Leave!

Getting married, buying a house and having a baby are all momentous times in our lives. We make these big decisions ordinarily with a lot of planning and consideration to how it will affect our lives. When it comes to our healthcare, we should surely be putting the same thought into it – if not

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misaligned teeth

Misaligned teeth?

There are many people who have an issue with their smile and one of the things that could be an issue is a misalignment. Having an issue with a smile can lead to problems with self-image but there has never been a better time for patients who are unhappy with their smile to consider dental

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