garden with flowers and seating area

Pointers for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy and Green

There are three key ingredients to a healthy garden: ample sunlight, access to water, and regular maintenance. If you want to keep your lawn green, you need to learn how to irrigate properly. Use too little water and the grass will slowly turn brown and die; too much water and the grass will suffocate and

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woman with plants in the house

Helping Your Indoor Plants and House Pets Coexist in Peace

It may seem impossible, but pets and plants can coexist, but your furry friends may not be aware of that fact. So, it’s your job to keep them safe from potentially toxic plants and ensure your houseplants grow happily without curious paws playing with them. You can achieve this coexistence by making certain adjustments to

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economic recovery concept

Inflation or Recession — Insulate Yourself from Economic Shifts

The U.S. is in a recession — as is the rest of the world. Unforeseen circumstances can rock the markets and the growing clamor for socialism might eventually lead to Venezuela-like inflation. Banks are not entirely safe and even your money can lose value. Changing market forces can wreak havoc on your investments — however,

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Scandinavian Interior

Achieving a Scandinavian Interior Cheaply

Who doesn’t dream of those picture-perfect living rooms, the calm and cozy bedrooms, a very trim but efficient kitchen? When it comes to minimalist interior design concepts, nothing beats the Scandinavian aesthetics. Scandinavian design is not new, having been coined in the 1950s. Its popularity, however, was further spread around the world when decluttering became

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pregnant woman

6 Tips to Stay Healthy and Well During Pregnancy

When you’re expecting, your body undergoes new nutritional needs, safety concerns, and limitations. It may become overwhelming and confusing, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. But now that you’re taking care of your baby and yourself, ensuring health and wellness have never been more crucial. To help you out, here are six tips to ensure

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