Before the Big Move: Upgrading Your New Home into a More Sustainable One

More homeowners are embracing a sustainable lifestyle. They want to reduce their carbon footprint and help in making the world a better place. It may take a bit of adjustment to start living a healthier and sustainable life. But the rewards we can enjoy are indeed life-changing. What better way to start embracing sustainability than

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Can You Turn Your Home into an Event Venue?

Although it has been highly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, rental event venues still command at least a four-figure sum for an hour or two of rent. While the income is not steady, a rental venue is one of the most profitable rental properties as it requires the least bit of maintenance compared to rental

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Handling Pet Problems With No Worries

Owning a pet is a major responsibility. Since your pet is a living being, you’ll need to take special care of them. But they also cause their problems like not being housebroken or causing damage to the furniture. They can even be health hazards. Here are some common problems associated with pets and how you

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Tricks to Keeping Your Condo Stylish, Luxe, and Pet-friendly

Pets are like your children, and as such, you need to consider their needs and temperament when choosing furniture pieces for your condo unit. If you’d skip sharp-edged tables to ensure the safety of your kid, then you should also know how to avoid certain types of furniture for the sake of your fur baby.

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Things You Can Do to Improve Your Home Environment

Certain places just make you feel good. For instance, staying in a cozy hotel just makes you feel refreshed and relaxed after an overnight stay. Or you feel more productive when you work in your favorite corner in that cafe down the street.  On the other hand, some places do not sit well with you.

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Hate Chores? Here’s How to Maintain a Clean House Without Effort

Different people have different reasons for hating household chores. Parents who balance full-time jobs with child-rearing are too exhausted to do the laundry. Fur parents with three dogs find it useless to keep sweeping dog hair when it’s shedding season. And then there are the lazy bunch, who see their clutter as a “creative mess” they can live

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