Practical Ideas to Make Your Home More Pet-friendly

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Owning pets can be a fun experience, but it heeds for great responsibility. Having a pet means you need to feed, care for, and love them just like how you would do to your human family. If you’re moving to a new home or are looking to adopt a new pet, you need to make your house pet-friendly to make it comfortable for everyone.

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Regardless if you live in a large home or compact apartment, here are a few ideas you can implement into your property to ensure your pet is living their best life in your home.

Install Screens in Your Windows

If you have a plan on opening your windows during the summer months, it’s best to have window screens installed in your windows, especially if you have cats, as many have fallen out of high-rise structures, which can be dangerous. Keep your pets safe by installing screens on your windows. Just have your window cleaning done professionally to make it look appealing even if it has screens.

Have Proper Flooring For Pets

If you have a cat or dog, you likely know that these furry companions are naturally curious animals and may cause damage without realizing what they’re doing. This situation is especially true for carpets and upholstery that get caught in their nails, forcing them to pull at it even more to free themselves. Plus, these floor treatments are challenging to take care of when you have a pet as there are many allergens and hair that get caught up in its threads, causing issues for the entire home environment.

That’s why whenever you have pets, it’s best to have hard flooring, regardless if it’s wood or tile—you need to ensure they’re scratch resistant to prevent your pet from causing any damage.

Have Robust and Durable Fences Outside Your Home

If you live in a single-family home or townhouse, it’s best to have your property surrounded by good fencing, giving you peace of mind regarding your animal companions. These fences will prevent your pets from running away if they ever accidentally get outside without a leash. Just make sure they’re durable enough, especially when you have big dogs so that they can’t fight their way out.

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Buy Pet-friendly Furniture

As a pet owner, pet-friendly furniture is going to be one of the best assets you’ll have, and no matter what animal companion you have, opting for stain-resistant fabric is ideal. Those sharing their sofas and chairs with animals should be wary of more than just their fur and dander as stinky odors and stains can seep into other fabrics, which can make your entire home unpleasant. So, when buying pet-friendly furniture, avoid buying ones made from velvet, silk, and tweed as they’re prone to getting stained and scratched.

It’s wise to choose furniture outfitted in leather, synthetic microfiber, or any other stain-resistant outdoor fabric. Plus, it’s best to avoid furniture with light colors as stains are likely to show up on lighter-colored furniture.

Make Sure They Have Enough Space to Roam Around

Regardless of what pet you have, whether it’s an iguana or cat, they need ample space to play and roam around in—and the amount of space they require depends on how big they are. After all, you wouldn’t put a Rottweiler in a tiny apartment since it wouldn’t be fair and comfortable for the both of you. It’s ideal to have the home before the pet or find a big enough house perfect for your existing pet to ensure they have plenty of space to explore.

Cats and other smaller pets are perfect for any space since they’re small and don’t need to be taken outside frequently, but larger pets like dogs will need more room to play around.

Create a Small Nook Just for Them

Just like how you have a bed where you can retire for the night, it’s crucial to have a dedicated space for your pet to relax in, giving them a nook to call their own, helping them unwind and feel relaxed whenever they want to. Giving them a structured place to sleep in helps them learn not to come and jump into your bed, which can be problematic for you and your pet. This idea may be challenging to implement for a cat since they like roaming around during odd hours of the day, but you can condition them not to crawl into bed with you, letting them sleep in other places.

Pet owners moving to a new home might need to design their houses to accommodate their animal companions better. Following the tips mentioned can help you transform your home into a pet-friendly one in no time, making it comfortable for the whole family and help you raise a healthy and happy pet.

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