Petfluencer: How Your Pet Brings Dollar to You

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Social media is more than just a platform to update your daily activities. It is a way to stay updated about your relative’s news.

You can check on their well-being, and you can share yours too. Your ‘friends’ will keep you updated about their current job or relationship. Although, some of them might prefer to scroll the timeline without posting any updates.

For the active user of social media, you will be able to see not only their daily routines. They use the platform to let out their opinion on an issue. They can use it to spread the news or talk about their feelings.

Uniquely, some of them are not updating about themselves. They use social media to share pictures of their pets. It applies to more than 65% of pet owners on social media. They are addicted to posting a picture of their pet on social media. The audience? They like it. The content created by the pet influencers has a higher engagement rate than a general worldwide content engagement rate. That’s right. A pet can be an influencer.

Petfluencer: A Way to Rule The Social Media

After the booming GrumpyCat Instagram profile in 2012, many pet accounts on social media start to emerge.

Research explains the growing popularity of pet contents. It says that animal content is refreshing, fun, and socially accepted escapism. That is because to some people, ‘human’ contents inflict competition within themselves.

People who enjoy pet presence on social media will not feel insecure or jealous. They won’t compete with the pets, even though the pet has more followers than themselves.

It is different from how they see themselves after looking at ‘human’ contents. People are unconsciously comparing themselves with others. Thus, pet contents are more human-friendly. It leads to the number of people following pets’ social media profiles and enjoying their content as entertainment. Noticing how a pet can bring awareness, many companies start using those pets as one of the ways to promote their products.

With that, the term ‘Petfluencer’ was born.

You will see a lot of cat or dog memes all around the social media platforms. The curious audience will be looking for the original account to enjoy more of their content. Or maybe, they’re just looking for more memes to share. But it is still increasing brand awareness.

As a result, GrumpyCat brings between $1 million and $100 million through merchandising. A petfluencer net worth will benefit its owner. If you own a pet and want to make your pet becomes a petfluencer, prepare yourself from now.

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Petfluencer Starter Pack

Building a social media presence for your pet can be a difficult task. But nothing is impossible if you put your efforts into it. Here are the strategies you can apply to your pet’s social media profile.

Dress Up Your Pets

Your audience will judge your pet. If your pet shows a lack of grooming, the audience will blame the owner. It is because they care about how well do you treat your pets.

To impress them, you can customize some pet costumes. Make sure that your cat or dog will feel comfortable inside their costumes. A touch of texturizing scissors or shears will help as well. It will make their fur looks beautiful and fancy.

Providing contents of various costumes will give a fresh look at your pet. You can seek some inspiration for the costume on Pinterest or your wardrobe. A matching outfit between you and your pet will increase your emotional connection with your pets and will become the pet-owners goal for your audience.

Spread Pet Memes

If you don’t have enough budget to create pet costumes, the fastest way to increase people’s awareness about your pet is through memes. That is how the GrumpyCat profile earns its public recognition for the first time.

Make a meme of your pets. Be the first to post it on various platforms. You can slip the meme in Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or any other places where you can reply with an image. People love collecting reaction memes. It is cheap and a fast way to earn social media presence.

Be Consistent

Consistent is a common problem for most people. It is because consistency means building a new habit. You have to adapt to the change in your daily routines. But if you love your pet, this shouldn’t be a burden for you. Make sure to update your pet content regularly. Consistency is very crucial for the social media algorithm and your audience.

To build a social media presence and make your pet into a ‘petfluencer’ is not easy. Consider it as your way to show your love to your pet. Pay more attention and love your pet heartfully.

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