Planning a Pool Party? It Takes More Than a Pool to Plan One

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When you hear of a pool party, the first thing that comes to mind is water, swimsuits and fun. However, to make you pool party a successful one, it takes more than a pool to make your guests feel relaxed, entertained, and comfortable. If you want to host a successful pool party, you need to consider several things that go beyond your swimming pool.

Get the pool maintained on time

The most essential aspect of a pool party is the pool itself. On the day of the party, the pool ought to be in its best condition. As such, it should be maintained well and regularly. Contract one of the pool repair companies in your area to come and conduct maintenance on the pool. The water should be clean, chlorinated, and working well. You do not want your guests to attend the party only to find that the surface of the pool with leaves and other debris floating on its surface. If you only had it cleaned a few days before the party, why not consider replacing the pool water the morning before the party? You may also check to ensure that its chemical levels are within the recommended range.

Consider the timing

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Timing is vital when selecting a date for a pool party. Generally, a pool party is expected to be held during summer. Whether the party is to be held during the day or the night, the high temperatures during summer make it conducive. You do not want to host a pool party during winter. It is unlikely that it will turn out a success. The day of the week that you plan to host the pool party is also essential to its success. Pool parties tend to turn out successful when hosted on Friday or on weekends. Hosting a pool party on Monday may not be such a good idea. That is unless the invited guests will be available on that day. However, for a party that is to be attended by people in regular 9 am to 5 pm jobs, such a day may be unfavorable.

The last aspect of timing may be in way of making timely communication to the expected guests. Timely communication provides a better guarantee of attendance. Otherwise, you may find yourself alone in the pool.

Safety precautions

Pool safety is an essential aspect to keep in mind when planning a pool party. In the past, there have been cases of guests that drowned during pool parties. It may be as a result of intoxication or the fact that they could not swim. Whichever the case, there is a need to ensure the safety of all your guests. You could place outdoor chairs and sofas around the pool, for those guests who may want to enjoy the water but not necessarily take a dip. Look for outdoor sofas and lounge chairs with waterproof material at the nearest furniture store, so everyone in your party could spend some time near the water.

Usually, the best way of achieving pool safety is by having a lifeguard at the party. The designated lifeguard may even be one of the guests. If not so, consider hiring a trained lifeguard. The lifeguard will ensure safety around the pool without necessarily interfering with the party. Provide them with a place where they could have a good vantage point of the area.

There are numerous factors that can make your pool party a success or a failure, but the most important factors are those that focus on safety, hygiene and comfort. You and your guests could enjoy and entertain yourselves, as long as you feel safe and comfortable in your home.

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