Reasons to Use a Licensed Builder for Kit Home Construction

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In Australia, transportable kit houses or homes are some of the most affordable properties on the market. What makes them even more economical is that they lend themselves to DIY construction. Buyers who choose to be owner-builders could reap the most savings.

However, there is a lot of merit in hiring a licensed builder instead. Such a professional may charge a handsome fee, which may somewhat offset the savings of buying a kit home in the first place. But the things a licensed builder can offer are invaluable.


If you decide to be an owner-builder, you will be primarily responsible for the entire project. You may not have to assemble a flat pack yourself, but the fate of your project will lie in your hands. As an owner-builder, you have to manage the site, find tradespeople for the job and vet them accordingly, and supervise the crew from start to beginning.

You will also be in charge of securing all of the necessary permits and insurance. Just reading the job description of a kit homeowner builder can be intimidating and overwhelming enough. That is why only those with real expertise in construction usually take this route.

If you have zero knowledge of the entire process, do not waste your time and energy by trying to be a hero. Rather, let a licensed builder handle everything.

Workmanship Excellence

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As mentioned, an owner-builder has to hire the right contractors for the trades to complete the construction. Without any real-world experience in this domain, you might fall victim to scams and unknowingly use the services of unqualified professionals.

Deciding to seek help from a licensed builder can ensure flawless workmanship. More often than not, a licensed builder already has a network of reliable professionals adept at erecting kit homes. Unlike you, a licensed builder has the trained eye to identify hazards as well as slapdash work and do something about them.


Familiarity with the occupational health and safety standards is a must to prevent accidents, injuries and construction delays. There is more to a safe work environment than what meets the eye. And you would not know what constitutes it unless you have managed numerous similar projects in the past.

A licensed builder places a premium on safety. Such a professional understand the best practices to finish the construction to prevent someone from getting hurt or something from getting damaged at all times.

Financing Flexibility

Buying a kit home in itself makes many lenders, particularly banks, nervous. If you want to obtain funding for your construction project as fast and frictionless as possible, involve a licensed builder in it. Most lenders feel more comfortable release funds when there is a legitimate expert who will oversee everything to beginning to end.

Using a licensed builder will enable you to borrow more money. You could borrow up 90% of the value of your land and the cost of your project. In contrary, you could receive 80% at best if you opt to be an owner-builder.

You will have to contribute some money using your savings either way, but you be asked to come up with a separate contingency fund if you skip the services of a licensed builder.

Hiring a licensed builder costs money, but it is worth the expense. If you value peace of mind and quality more than some savings, you should not take matters into your own hands and leave the job to someone more capable.

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