Should You Go For a Tankless Water Heater in Your Home?

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Imagine you’re in the middle of a shower before going to bed and you ran out of hot water. The icy water hits your skin and jolts you awake instead of getting relaxed and ready for bed.

If this isn’t the first time a hot runner ran out while you’re in the middle of a shower, then you know how frustrating it can be. That might be the reason why so many homeowners in Millcreek are looking for an upgrade.

What is it anyway?

A tankless water heater is also known as instantaneous, on-demand, or demand-type water heater. As the name suggests, it heats water directly without having to store it in a receptacle or container.

It does that through a gas burner or an electric element that is activated once it senses the hot water tap has been opened. The water flows through the unit, is heated by it, and is then directed to where it is needed. As soon as the hot water tap has been closed, the heating element will be turned off as well.

Since you’re not storing heated water inside a tank, you have a limitless source of hot water. You don’t have to worry about running out of it in the middle of a shower. Plus, there’s less bulk, so it’s perfect even for smaller houses or if you just want your home to be more aesthetically pleasing.

How it Can Help You

Besides a never-ending source of hot water and less space, water heaters with no tanks can help save energy.

According to the Department of Energy, this design of the water heater is more energy-efficient than a conventional tank water heater. You can, therefore, reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 50% each month. Seeing that, the initial cost of installing an on-demand water heater will be worth it in the long run.

This type of water heater also has a longer lifespan of more than 20 years. It has twice the durability of conventional water heaters that usually lasts around 10 to 15 years only.

However, running hot water in two places at the same time can stretch your water heater. It might be best to get two units or more units to fulfill the demand for hot water.

Who Can Install it For You?

man installing water heaterProper installation is essential to guarantee it works efficiently. Several factors need to be considered when properly installing this type of heater, including building code requirements. There are professional plumbing services in places like Millcreek who can help you. They would know more about the codes and have the necessary permits to do the job.

Although it is possible to install a tankless water heater by yourself, make sure you do consult the manufacturer. They will provide you with the necessary instructions so you can properly install the unit.

You’ll also want to check with your city or town to check local installation codes when it comes to water heaters.

Upgrading to tankless water heaters can be one of the ways to save money and energy around the house. But, it’s best that you have it installed professionally to avoid damages or improper installation that can lead to inefficiency.

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