Sprucing Up Your Bathroom: 4 Ways to Make Your Bath Time More Fun & Relaxing

bathroom interior

The bathroom is an important part of your house. It is where most people start and prepare for their day as well as end their day. This is why it matters for them if they’re happy and satisfied with the design of this particular room. You might have several ideas in mind, but if putting them together is harder than you thought, this article can help.

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Here are some bathroom improvement suggestions you can try:

Accessorise the Room

Think the things around your bathroom look too dull and bland? Try to add more accessories. You don’t necessarily have to throw in every decoration you can think of, just the pieces that can make an impact. Examples would be towel racks, small potted plants or flowers on the sink, and a new shelf for your toiletries. There are many things you can do to show off the design of your bathroom. Just remember to keep things minimal to avoid causing an eyesore.

Reinvent the Vanity Area

The vanity is an important element of a bathroom. It is where you can keep your many of your toiletries, skin and hair care products, and hairstyling tools. It also conceals the plumbing for the sink.

Since the vanity is likely the first area that people will see when they walk into a bathroom, you’ll want to make it the focal point of the interior design. That’s why if you’re no longer happy with how it looks, you may consider repositioning your vanity or replacing it with a new one. You’ll find many varieties of bathroom vanities in New Zealand: trendy, edgy, modern or minimalist. There’s practically tons of selection to go for, so it’s all up to you.

Change the Color Motif


The color of any room is crucial. In fact, a simple paint job can go a long way. If you want to quickly refresh the design of your bathroom, changing the color tones is just the way to do it.

Don’t be scared to try new colors. You might want to try pastels, vibrant shades, or darker tones. Of course, this all depends on what theme are you going for. Lighter shades can make the room look bigger. A brighter colour can also make the room look more cheerful. Patterns, meanwhile, can create a certain level of flow in the room.

Replace Faucets & Fixtures

Make your bathroom look more stylish and chic by updating the light fixtures and faucets. The change may seem simple and minor, but these details can add more depth to the design of the room. Along with that, it accentuates certain areas in your home. A unique faucet can spruce up the vanity and sink area.

A well-lit bathroom also set the mood in the room. So, if you want to soak in a tub to relax after a long day, warm and cosy lighting will achieve that vibe.

There are tons of ideas you can do to change the way your bathroom looks. Most of the things mentioned above don’t cost that much. too. All you have to do is to plan carefully to make the design in your mind work. Once you manage to do these things, you’re sure to enjoy your bathroom more.

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