Ten Essentials to Make Camping Fun

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After a week of work hard, you deserve a break to enjoy what you worked for the whole week.  And a weekend camping with the family will be a good idea. It’s easy, fun, it doesn’t cost much, and you will spend time with your family.

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There are many essential items you need to make that time in camp fun, but there are other things to consider too. These include the camping location, the provisions available nearby, the activities you plan to do, but you also need to observe safety.

Remember that camping should be a wonderful experience with nature, not a nightmare in the emergency room.  Look for signs – not just for directions, but also for warnings.  You’ll see many of them.  Government and local authorities require these safety signages along the way, as these will make it easy for motorists and campers on the road.

So what do you need to bring? Here are some of the most basic things you need in camp for a fun and safe weekend nature getaway.

What to bring?

camping tents

These items are all essential when going to the outdoors. When it comes to sleeping materials, make sure they are large enough to fit the family, and that there will be enough blankets for everyone. When it comes to safety equipment, make sure that everyone has one of each, so everyone will have a flashlight or an emergency kit in case they get lost.

  1. Tent. While it’s great to sleep in the outdoors, you still need a tent for shelter in case of rain or other weather problems.  But don’t forget to bring the accessories.
  2. Sleeping bag. In case you find it inviting to sleep under the stars, use sleeping bags for comfort.  The temperature at night can dip sharply, and the sleeping bag can keep you warm.
  3. Camping pillow. Although you can use your bag in its place, a camping pillow does it better, especially for the kids, to keep them from complaining of discomfort all night.
  4. Water. You will surely drink lots of water, especially after a long hike.  Make sure you have plenty of it, plus purification tablets in case you must refill using pond water.
  5. Matches. You could also bring a lighter or an electric torch. But you might find it convenient to use a match in case you have to light up a fire several times.
  6. Cooking utensils. Have fun cooking your food the way rangers and scouts do it. Better if you let the kids help.
  7. Flashlight. Surely there is no electricity in your camping site, and a flashlight or lantern will be necessary to see what comes around or to find anything you may need at night.
  8. First aid kit. Away from home, you wouldn’t know what may happen, especially with kids playing around.  A first aid kit will be indispensable in case of little accidents. It should contain all the essentials that you may need when hospitals are beyond easy reach.
  9. Knife. A knife is something you will find very handy for various purposes – preparing food, opening cans, cutting a rope, or digging on the ground.  Without it, you’ll be very frustrated not to be able to do many things.
  10. Navigation equipment. In case you dare venture farther into the woods, you will definitely need a navigation device unless you want to end up being rescued after wandering in the forest for a day or two.

There are many ways you can bond with your family, and camping out can be the best. It gives you the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience the simple life with the ones you love.

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