The Importance Of Dental Websites and A Good Homepage

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Dental websites are important for promoting better dental health within the population. They can educate people on how to look after their teeth, the importance of good oral health and on the need for visiting the dentist on a regular basis, at least once every six months or more where necessary. Thanks to dental websites and good dental marketing, people are more aware of their dental health, they are visiting the dentist more often and are looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of their smile and maintain better dental hygiene. Digital marketing, with the use of a modern, interesting and educational dental website, is highly effective in promoting the treatments and procedures that you offer at your dental practice, thereby attracting new patients to help grow and expand your business.

If you do not have a dental website for your dental practice then it is important that you begin the process sooner rather than later. Without a website you will be losing patients to your competitors when they are searching for dental practices online. If a potential patient walks past your dental practice then it is more than likely that they will search for you online rather than walking into the practice to book an appointment directly. When they do search for you it is important that they are presented with a fully functioning, highly attractive website that tells them everything they need to know with regard to your dental practice and the treatments and procedures that you offer.

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A good homepage is key

A beautiful homepage that attracts the attention of the reader and makes them want to explore the website further is key to a successful website. The homepage should include your name and brand, your ethos and your USPs which help differentiate you from the other dental practices in the area.

With most dental practices offering very similar treatments and procedures, it is important that your homepage stands out from the crowd and is memorable, so that when potential patients are thinking about addressing their dental needs they think of you first. The homepage needs to load instantly, because research has shown that if it does not load within the first 3 to 5 seconds then the visitor will lose interest and move on to a different website. It is also important that your homepage encourages visitors to linger for a few minutes, not only so that they can absorb all the information, but also because this is good for search engine optimisation or SEO. Good SEO is a system of techniques and strategies which show Google that you are a trustworthy and reliable website that has the answers that potential patients are searching for. Google then ranks you high up its list of search results for dental searches in the area. The longer a visitor remains on your homepage the better this is for SEO, because Google will realise that you are a worthy contender and will push your website further up the list for dental queries in your geographical vicinity.

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