The More Plants the Better! Why You Should Add More Plants to Your Home


If you want to improve your home’s comfort and aesthetics, your best bet is to add more plants. Whether it’s a shrub to line up your fence or hanging plants in every room indoors, each of plant adds value to your home. Some add aesthetic improvements, some improve the quality of life in the home. You’ll learn more about these benefits further as you read through this article.

Plants Give You Cleaner Air

Plants produce the oxygen that you breathe. They do this by consuming the carbon dioxide people emit and converting it to oxygen. Apart from producing oxygen, they also clean the air in the process? Plants, no matter how small or large they are, act as nature’s sponge to remove and trap toxic compounds they get from the air. These toxins are trapped in their tissue and are broken down in a lengthy process, which fortunately doesn’t produce any harmful by-products. The result of this process is cool and clean air.

You could liken this to your air conditioning unit’s air filtration, only this time, you won’t need to pay a huge bill just to keep it running all the time. If you have plants indoors, they’ll be working non-stop.

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Plants Keep You in Good Condition

If you have a garden at home, you’d notice that the air around your plants is a bit different. Plants increase the humidity, but not too much to make it unbearably hot and moist. This also means that the plants reduce dry air and dust, which can cause irritations that make you feel sick. Without knowing the cause, you’d often find yourself with a dry cough, itchy, irritated eyes, and an overall feeling of fatigue. These are caused by the airborne microbes slowly infecting or irritating your airways.

As mentioned in the first tip, plants filter these impurities in the air, thus reducing the risk of irritation. In turn, we should also keep our plants, including the trees, healthy. If you notice any unnatural changes in a tree in your property, don’t hesitate to call for a tree doctor in Salt Lake City They have the tools and expertise to save your tree from problems like rot, pests, and lack of nutrients in the soil.

Plants Boost Your Mood

There’s a reason offices for mental wellness patients have plants in them. Plants actually help boost your mood just by being there. Caring for plants also increases your compassion for others, and can be a key to improving your relationships.

Looking at greens from a distance can help soothe your eyesight after long periods of staring at your computer. The sight of leaves fluttering in the air can calm your nerves, relieves your stress, and help avoid depression. Having a mix of flowering plants in your garden can also enhance your mood.

There’s really no such thing as having too much plant in your property. After all, they help clean the air you breathe, make you feel less sick, and significantly contribute to your health and wellness.

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