Things You Can Do to Improve Your Home Environment

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Certain places just make you feel good. For instance, staying in a cozy hotel just makes you feel refreshed and relaxed after an overnight stay. Or you feel more productive when you work in your favorite corner in that cafe down the street. 

On the other hand, some places do not sit well with you. You feel nauseated in a cramped convenience store. You feel like you cannot finish a single work assignment on your desk that you have to go to an empty meeting room to get things done.

Your environment has a significant effect on your mood. In fact, environmental factors can trigger mental disorders. Other environmental factors can help reduce stress and facilitate mental and psychological recovery. 

If you feel unproductive and are always low on energy, it might be time to have a change in environment. Of course, it would be impractical for most people to move to a new place. However, you don't need to buy a new home or look for a new rental unit to have a refreshed and updated environment. 

Get rid of unnecessary clutter.

It is normal for many households to collect clutter over the years. This is especially true for families that have increased in number. Clothes, shoes, dishes, books, notebooks, magazines, and food containers can pile up over the years. Add to that some toys for the children, toys collected by the adults in the family, furniture, and accessories, and a house will eventually be crowded. 

Take a day off from your busy week. Get everyone involved. Have everyone go through their belongings. Prepare a box for clothes that are no longer used, books that you will not read again, magazine subscriptions, and trinkets that are just gathering dust. Prepare also a bag for trash. Chances are, you still have empty bottles of perfume in your dresser, empty cans of aftershave, and make-up and toiletries that are already expired. Purge your kitchen and pantry of expired foods, condiments, and dishes that you have not used in years. Kitchen appliances that you have not even used in the past year should go too.

Clean and tidy up your home regularly.

A clean home is a healthy home. An organized and clean home is actually good for you. That's why you feel that you can tackle whatever your boss throws your way when you have just cleaned and reorganized your desk. 

A study conducted by Indiana University found that the condition of the home's interior affected the levels of the physical activity of the subjects. Those with clean houses were more active and were healthier. Those who kept their homes clean and tidy spend time cleaning and organizing, which is equivalent to physical activity. 

Set aside 30 minutes a day to tidy up your home. Tidy up your bed when you wake up. Take out the garbage. Put everything back in their place. Vacuum the floors. Do not let the mess and clutter go out of hand. 

Hire a professional spring cleaning service.

In addition to your regular cleaning and upkeep, you can hire spring cleaning services for a major cleaning. These professionals will not only keep your interiors sparkling clean and sanitized, but they will also clean your windows, gutters, decks, and patios.

These services are designed to remove older and stubborn dirt that has accumulated over time. Of course, scheduling for spring cleaning every few months can help ensure that your home stays clean and safe for you. 

Move things around. 

Moving and rearranging your furniture can have many benefits. Sometimes, how you arrange your furniture affects how your home makes you feel. From being cramped and suffocating, you can make a room feel more open and airy simply by moving pieces of furniture and repositioning them. 

It also allows you to access dust and dirt that are otherwise covered by your bigger furniture so you can clean them. This helps keep you and your family safe from allergens such as dust mites and molds.

As you also go about rearranging your furniture, you will also be forced to go through your belongings and clutter. You can find things that you can pass to relatives or donate to charity.

A change of environment, even just in how things are placed around your home, can make you feel revitalized and energized. You can maximize the space that you have, giving you a more relaxing and spacious home. 

Have a change of lifestyle.

Sometimes, it's the way you live your life that makes your home a mess. Consumerism has long been telling people that their happiness and contentment depend on acquiring things, some of which they do not even need. 

Start cutting down on unnecessary expenses that just add to the clutter in your home. Not only will it be good for your finances, but it will also help keep your home orderly and clean. 

It is normal for people to want their homes to be clean and organized. The human body itself is made of thousands of organized cells. Being neat and clean helps you become healthier, physically and mentally. It will help you be more productive, relaxed, and happier.

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