Time to Move On: Packing Your Entire Kitchen the Efficient Way

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When it’s time to move, the kitchen is definitely the most complicated area of the house to pack. You have all these items in varying sizes that need to be packed carefully to make sure they’ll get to your new address in one piece. While you can easily get refrigerator repair in Salt Lake City in case something goes wrong, it’s still best to take some preventive measures. That’s why it’s important to understand how to pack these fragile kitchen items properly. Here are some packing techniques you should follow when you’re moving.


If you’re among those homeowners who keep their appliances’ original packaging and boxes after purchase, you’re in luck. Use all of these boxes for your larger items. If you didn’t keep them, you’ll need to get some medium-sized packaging materials and a little bit of resourcefulness. Remove all the smaller pots and items that can easily break, such as plates and glass bowls. Also, make sure all the appliances are dry and clean before you put them inside the boxes. If you also kept all the owner’s manuals, take them out and tape them to the front of the appliance. This will make it easier to reassemble everything once you’ve reached your new home. Don’t forget to grab some bubble wrap, newspapers, and packing paper for all the fragile pieces. Lastly, make sure the heavier items are at the bottom, so you can stack the smaller, lighter pieces on top of them.

Pots and Pans

kitchen pots and pansThese can get tricky due to their unusual shapes. To get the right box sizes for your pots and pans, take the biggest pan you have and put it inside a box both diagonally and horizontally. Make sure the lid is properly closed. You can try a bigger box if it doesn’t work. When you’ve found the perfect size, it’s time to stack all your other pots and them inside the box. Afterwards, grab some thin packing paper for all your glass lids and put them underneath the pans’ handles for added protection.

Food Items

Packing for a move is the perfect time to clean your pantry and get rid of any items you no longer need. Check every single food item you have stored and toss out anything that’s already past its expiration date. If there are some items left that are still usable but you no longer need, you can donate them to a nearby food bank as long as you seal them properly. Now, for those you want to take to your new place, place them inside tote bags and carry them. This is better than putting them inside moving boxes.

Label Everything

Finally, make sure you label each box accurately. Be as specific as you can and don’t simply write “kitchen.” Since the kitchen has the most number of items that need to be moved, using a generic label will make it very difficult for you to find the appliances you need when it’s time to unpack. You can write labels such as baking appliances, toaster, kettle, and so on. You’d probably be too tired to unpack everything right after moving, so it’s best if you know where to find the essential appliances for those first few days in your new home.

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