What are Conveyancing Solicitors?


Conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth often help a client with buying or selling their property. This can be a large financial commitment and a stressful situation so it can become important to have a team of professionals on side to assist during this important time. Experienced staff being on hand means that this period can be made as easy and as stress free as possible. Reliable and professional standards will always be met by a reputable solicitor to ensure that clients’ needs are always addressed, the services of a conveyancing solicitor can be used for a number of different situations. These include when clients are buying a property, selling a house or a flat, entering into a shared ownership scheme, exercising their right to buy from the local council, or buying or selling a property at auction. People may also be interested to know that a solicitor’s services can be used for re-mortgaging property, transfers of equity, lease extensions, the drafting of declarations of trusts, joint ownership advice and more complex property arrangements.This article will run through how this area of law is approached, as well as why a person should consider using a solicitor for any agreements pertaining to property .

What sort of approach should a client expect?

A friendly and approachable conveyancing solicitor is important to ensure that the needs of  clients are constantly met. Any queries should be answered promptly and clients should be  made as comfortable with the ongoing property transaction as possible. It is important to many people going through this type of legal situation that they are given one professional to deal with from start to finish. Striking up a good relationship with their solicitor will ensure that clients have confidence in the way their transaction is being dealt with. However, that being said if a client’s designated professional is not available then another will normally be provided so the client is always supported. A proactive approach should be used to ensure that communication with clients and other parties involved in the transaction is swift and of the utmost clarity. Strong associations with local estate agents normally exist so any issues that arise can be solved quickly. The next section of this article will run through why a client should consider this specific type of service when dealing with property legal issues.

Why should I consider the services of a conveyancer?


Clients’ needs should be put at the forefront of everything a solicitor does and every effort should be made to ensure that fast, dedicated and effective services are given to them. The confidence of the client that any issues that may arise can be addressed quickly and efficiently is the most important thing, and recognition of this can have the best impact on the transaction at hand. Clients should always be kept up to date throughout the length of the service and every effort should be made to ensure that the client’s requirements and timescales are met. Anyone receiving professional help in property dealings need to be assured that they will be in good hands and have an expert helping them who truly understands their current situation. A conveyancing solicitor has a thorough knowledge of any pitfalls in these transactions and can guide their client to a happy conclusion.

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